Guide: How to participate in SONM Test DAO Governance🚀

ĐAO Universe
Sep 26 · 2 min read


1. Intro:

We’re glad to announce, that SONM Test DAO has been successfully deployed on Rinkeby test network⚡

This step will help to measure SONM DAO participation rate and ability to cooperate

Here you can find the DAO itself, test the functionality and get acquainted with the interface:

Rinkeby addresses of the DAO are as follows:

Organization smart-contract:


Voting app smart-contract:


Finance app smart-contract:


Agent/Vault app smart-contract:


17805 SONM DAO Test Tokens in total have been distributed to all SNM Token holders!

2. How to find your SONM Test DAO Token and discover if you are able to participate:

To find if you received your SONM Test DAO Token.

Please go to:

Then click on the little magnifier, type in your personal public address and Find how many SONM Test DAO tokens you recieved.

Note: If you didn’t recieve SONM Test DAO Tokens, that’s probably because you are storing your SNM Tokens on a Centralized Exchange such as Binance.

If you still want to participate in testing governance of SONM Test DAO, but DIDN’T recieve SONM Test DAO Tokens, please fill out the form:

3. How to Vote in SONM Test DAO:

Please, install Metamask or any other compatible web3 provider.

Connect your account by importing your Seed or Hardware wallet.

Switch to Rinkeby network

If you don’t have test network ETH, please go to to get some

Go to Voting app of SONM Test DAOon your compatible browser

Note: Please be patient, it might take some time to load!

Click Enable account, to connect to the DAO

Click on the Voting from Open Votes section, Push YES or NO and mine transaction:

That’s it! Thank you for your participation, while we progress to the next step!

If you have any issues please reach out to admins in the official Telegram chats:

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