Asia Blockchain Summit 2019

Blockchain revolution

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UniDAX Team attending summit 2019

The new era of Blockchain

This coming July 2nd and 3rd will host the Asia blockchain summit (ABS) in the Marriott Hotel, Taiwan.

Over 4,000 attendees are expected, gathering thousands of the world’s blockchain leaders together to learn and do business. The Unidax and Uwallet team will be attending and we want to give our take on the event.

Who can we expect to attend and what will they offer?

Let’s start with;

【Crypto Exchange Companies】

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  • Bloomberg
  • Evolvement
  • WOM protocol (Word of mouth)

【World Renowned Token’s Members】

Litecoin Creator — — Charlie Lee

Cardano Chairperson — — Nathan Kaiser

Why attend?

Asia Blockchain Summit brings you deep discussions and analysis, leading people to understand the ongoing blockchain revolution in the world.

Main Topics of Discussion

Taiwan, a crypto nation and a blockchain island

Designing Compliance

Keeping virtual currency exchange compliant

Blockchain use cases

Trading and hedging strategies

For the UniDAX and Uwallet community, it is our duty to update with new trends, advancements and overall change in the blockchain industry.

If you would like us to ask anything in particular, or reach out to anyone in the event (person/company) please let us know in the comments or community groups below, we will bring back the answers.

Our team will continue to learn and optimize to help users enjoy a safe and faster trading experience.

We will update the topics and discussion points after the event. Follow us and receive useful tips and tricks about blockchain.

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We hope you enjoy the next updates ! ! !

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Unidax is a global crypto exchange platform. Offering users services to buy bitcoin and other crypto assets. Partnered with Uwallet for secure asset storage.

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