By Margarida Jorge, Lower Drug Prices Now & Orson Aguilar, UnidosUS Action Fund

What if a treatment for COVID-19, or a vaccine to prevent it, was finally approved and on the market but you couldn’t afford it? That’s no idle speculation. COVID-19 drug and vaccine profiteering is real, and puts…

Latinos are on the front lines of climate change. We care about it. We’re doing something about it. And candidates who want our votes need to show they’ll do something about it, too.

By: Orson Aguilar, UnidosUS Action Fund Executive Director

Latino communities face disproportionate harm from climate change. More than half of U.S. Latinos live in states already feeling severe climate change impacts, from flooding and sea level rise in Florida to scorching heat waves in Texas to droughts and devastating wildfires…

Statement Issued by LULAC, Voto Latino, Mi Familia Vota, and The UnidosUS Action Fund on the evening of President Trump’s Speech from the White House for the Republican National Convention

August 27, 2020

America’s strength is its people. Our country’s diversity has helped us innovate to solve problems, avoid cultural stagnation, become the most prosperous nation in history, and better navigate a complex world. However, the politics of division have grown more vicious in recent years, with extreme voices inciting…

“Failure to pass a bill that provides real relief will not only devastate those communities, but it will also send our entire economy into a further tailspin. The entire country will suffer.”

By Orson Aguilar, UnidosUS Action Fund Executive Director

At long last Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has introduced…

Affordable Insulin NOW and Lower Drug Prices NOW.

Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday growing up. It combined the best things about being a child: family, play, food and laughter. My relatives were always cracking jokes on each other and I couldn’t get enough. …

By Albert Jacquez

The House recently passed the Climate Action Now Act (H.R. 9) with 231 votes, three of which came from Republican House Members. The Climate Action Now Act requires the President to develop and annually update a plan for the United States to meet its nationally determined contribution…

UnidosUS Action Fund

The UnidosUS Action Fund — working to empower the Latino community nationwide.

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