5 Handy Tips That Will Help You To Design An Iconic Icon

Icons form an important part of any business. It represents the principles that an organization is going to follow throughout the time of its existence. Most often, the client gets furious over as far as the alignments and measurements of the icon are concerned. It is not a rocket science to design an icon, but the challenge is to adhere to the proper size and shapes as recommended by the client.

As far as UI/UX design is concerned, even here proper measurements are key elements for a wonderful web design. Here, we will be presenting some handy tips, which you can apply while making your next icon for any website design and development project.

Handy Tip 1:

Better To Start With A Grid

Whenever you are designing a grid, keep a ‘no-go zone.’ This is the part where one must prevent the elements of the icon from entering. The reason is to give the icon some space to breathe. Well, in some cases, there might be an exception as sometimes it is necessary to enter the elements. For instance: in the case of circular icons, the edges might touch the grid, which is not an issue as it adds to the aesthetics of designing.

Handy Tip 2:

Maintain Consistency In Elements

Visual elements play an important role while making an icon. Maintain a consistency even while designing the subtle elements. For instance: if you have used tweaked a part of the icon at one place, then this should e there in each and every element of the website. Avoid too many decorations or adding elements on an icon or else it will make the icon look invisible. Make it unique by adding a different style that has not been used before.

Handy Tip 3:

Take care of the angles and curves

Use 45-degree angles in order to have a crispy pattern and an icon which can be identified easily. If you follow this pattern, then there will be consistency in the icon set. You can also do it in halves instead of fully applying 45 degrees. It is important to understand that each of these situations will be different from each other, hence an amicable decision should be taken. As far as the curves are concerned, it is better to take the help of shape tools.

Handy Tip 4:

Use Geometric Shapes

If you intend to design icons with smaller sizes, then take care of the geometric designs. Take the help of shape tools if you want to give the perfect shape to the icon and always start by designing the most basic edges. The relative edges will make the design look less refined in case the edges were drawn with the help of hand drawings. The best tool that will help you to design complicated geometric shape is Adobe Illustrator.

Handy Tip 5:

Use Minimal Line Weights

If you are using line weights then it is always recommended that you use two. Refrain from using three line weights in order to provide more hierarchy and variety in the design of the icon. The reason to make use of 2 line weights is that the icon can be easily scaled up and down in case you are making flat icons with thin lines.

Following these five handy tips, you can design an iconic icon easily.

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