Android Application Development: Use Google Play Developer To Publish Your App

The most important milestone while developing an app comes at the time of publishing. Google has always given robust platforms to release the apps. Google Play Developer Console is the finest platform for your android app. It eases the process of android application development with stunning new features. Moreover, the simplified development process reduces errors. Developers can publish apps in a clear and simplified manner. It will give you more confidence and will help to publish it without any difficulty.

Now, let us discover the various benefits, which this developer console can give you.

Manage App Updates Clearly

‘Manage releases’ is the latest feature of the app. This is the place where developers can upload the alpha and beta version of the app. You will get all the important information related to your releases. You will also get notifications related to the application’s releases. It is best suited for releasing the mobile applications across multiple platforms.

Faster Access To New Features

It is not an easy task for the developer to publish an app owing to the various rules and regulations. The recent version of Google Developers Console includes two latest features. A validation step that addresses potential issues. Secondly, a new review and roll out page helps the developer to give any validation errors and warnings. If you find any error, you can flag the feature so that it will become easier for developers to identify the bugs.

Easy Management Of Roll Out Tasks

It has become much simpler to track all the rolled out stages during the publishing flow. With the help of staged rollouts, a developer can release the app after finding all the issues. It is with the help of files that one can manage the release of an android mobile application. One can manage, publish and track the performance of the app with the help of a Developers Console. With the help of various releases one can manage a mobile app easily.

Developers will be able to use the APKs while uploading the apps in Google Play. One can follow the dev console in order to have a first-hand idea of the application.

Publishing an app requires a developer to follow numerous guidelines. The Google Developers Console give the ultimate independence to the developers when it comes to arriving at the right place for developing a mobile application. It is the best way to manage the app development process especially when it comes to developing an android app. One can use it in a simplified manner to get access to the latest SDKs. The most interesting advantage of the app is that one can track the performance of the application in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Google app store.

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