Build the Best Ever Android Application in 2016 With These Frameworks

The second quarter of 2015 saw an exponential growth of 11.6% in the Smartphone market. With this growth, the demand of android phones went up. The android developers went a step ahead and came out with more innovative and entertaining apps.

This year some significant changes took place in the android application development world. Starting from the development of new programming languages to more improved versions of the framework, there has been an improvement in the way an android phone is used today. Moreover, users are now looking out for advanced mobile platforms that will enable them to run apps faster and smoother.

In order to live up to the expectations of the android users, the app developers often come out with new and innovative ideas, but they often confuse themselves regarding the type of framework that they have to choose for in order to create the best app ever. Well, in 2016 there are few important frameworks which you can make use of if you want to built the best ever android application.

  1. PhoneGap — An open source application framework built for developing applications in cross-platform, PhoneGap makes use of HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS3 in order to make hybrid apps. This framework is easier to work with because it works on the basis of a plug-in architecture that helps to extend the functionality of an app. The framework is similar to that of a native app that can be easily installed in any device.
  2. Appcelerator Titanium — The framework enables you to make native mobile apps with the help of one JavaScript Code. It’s unique feature of mobile test automation helps in manual testing that saves the time of developers. It makes use of JavaScript, thus offering a complete MVC solution; moreover, XML is used in order to improve the overall structure of the screen as well as the style sheet language. It also makes use of the responsive user interface that make it more interactive for the user while using the app.
  3. JQuery Mobile — The benefit of using this framework is that you will not only be able to run it on different devices, but will also be able to use it on various kinds of operating systems. Hence, apart from being a responsive framework, JQuery Mobile is also an easy to run app. The framework enables you to handle crossbrowser issues and makes use of powerful syntax and easy to understand codes. You can at anytime extend the functionality with the help of number of plugins that are available.
  4. CoronaSDK — In order to develop a mobile app in the best possible manner, CoronaSDK is one of the best option. Though it is mostly used by the game developers, however one can also use it for making other kinds of applications as well. This framework enables you to add more creative graphic content in your apps. With faster frame per second, you can also make your app much smoother with this framework.

The foundation of any app is its framework. Without a proper framework an app is like a human body without bones in it. This new year, there are more reasons to cheer up as these advanced frameworks will help people to get the best of android application.