Last night I was asleep
Trapped in a ghastly mall
Flooding, water pouring
Drowning in black water
Coughing, wheezing
All becomes quiet

Reach for the pill bottle
Each morning
Knock it off the table
Clattering, cursing, swearing
Swallow the blue pills
It’s all good for you
Even if nothing changes
Nothing ever does

Weird feelings echo through my bones
Of fear, paranoia
Of everything going wrong
Of frustration, unable to calm
Cry; scream; lash out
Destroy everything I love
Voices grow louder, harsher
You’re a horrible person!
You’ll never be good enough!
I’ll be better off dead. 
They’ll never find me till it’s too late.

Sedation takes hold
Drain colour from the world
Close my eyes
Swallowed by the silence
And I am saved from myself again

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