3 ways to promote your business

Whats the best way to promote your business? How can you get your name out there when your on a small budget? Promoting your business is tough work but if you work smart theres always ways to create a big impact without spending a fortune. Here are 3 low-cost, high-impact ways to promote your business.

1. Create a blog

As Mark Cuban said “You got to be the smartest guy in the room about your product.” If you’ve already done the research, you understand your market and you believe that your product, service or technology is going to benefit people then why not let the world know about this.

Create a blog and tell people what you’ve learned, how you’ve been progressing or simply talk about the industry. The best example is mint.com they took their product from $0 to in 2 years 170 Million and they’re marketing strategy involved a lot of content marketing. They did it so well that before they launched they were able to get more traffic to their blog than their competitors had to their entire website.

2. Use Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a great way to validate if people want to buy your product or not before you invest a lot of time and money building it and the best part is you don’t have to give away any percentage of your business. Create a prototype, a video about your product, offer a lot of small rewards and tell everyone you know. Boom! Before you know it you will see people start to talk about your product, invest in your product and if executed well you will have more orders than you know what to do with. One of the best examples of this is the “Coolest cooler”. The founder asked for only $50,000 but when the campaign ended he had $13,285,226 to develop his business.

3. Surprise Marketing

“It’s been known for a long time that it’s unexpected events, in particular, that drive learning,” says Wael Asaad, assistant professor of neurosurgery at Brown University. Surprise is cheap all it takes is 5 cents to make someones day. Psychologist Norbert Schwarz conducted a study in which a dime was placed near a copy machine. When the subjects who found the dime were surveyed shortly after their discovery, their overall satisfaction with life was substantially higher than the subjects who did not find a coin. This concept can be applied to marketing as well. If you can cram small surprises like 30% off your product during various events like if a users shares to 10 of his/her friends or through gamification like if a user finishes an entire project from start to finish on time and on budget. Little surprises at random times can really get your customers to think “OH WOW” and fall in love with your brand.

Remember ideas are a dime a dozen, Execution is all that matters. Create a solid marketing plan and go out and grow your business.

3 ways to promote your business

Originally published at blog.tryunify.com on January 29, 2016.