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Let’s be sincere and look at it from a clear point of view. It’s not enough to be a giant of Africa but the Nigerian educational system is craving for innovation. The world is moving at a progressive pace, and the education system of many countries are improving daily. Individuals, governments, and organizations are finding new ways to improve the teaching and learning process, and Nigeria, a fast rising tech hub out of Africa cannot afford to be left behind.

“The promises of edtech are brighter than we’ve seen before.” — Stephen Laster.

Innovations in education represent new ideas, processes, tools, and inventions that will bring about greater development and value to education. Today’s innovations are rooted in technology. Progressive education today is education that harmonizes tech with education, making the educational system more holistic in bringing about positive development and productivity.

Unify To The Rescue!

Educational Technology is becoming a constant throughout many schools in Nigeria and with the help of various organizations and individuals, innovations are coming forth to better the Nigerian educational system, one of such is Unify.

Unify is poised to becoming a major player in the field of educational technology (EduTech) in Nigeria today. With its exemplary features, Unify sets out to tackle lingering problems in tertiary institutions throughout Nigeria, it is the first of its kind in the area of the educational value chain in which it plays. No doubt, there are already quite a few EduTech platforms, but not many of them can hit the problems the Nigerian educational system is facing squarely. Unify outlines these problems and solves them in one digital and effective swoop.

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Unify delivers on 5 main solutions

So what innovations does Unify bring to Nigerian Education? Kindly read on as I share further these innovations that will excite you as well.

E-learning At Its Finest

Proper E-learning or electronic learning tools are not readily available in many Nigerian tertiary institutions. The pandemic and other recent crises in the world today have shown us that education should not be limited to the four walls of the academic institution, and that’s what Unify has made possible. Unify brings the E in E-learning by bridging the gap between students and lecturers effortlessly. Through the use of an easy-to-navigate video and audio conferencing tool for virtual classes and an amazing attendance monitoring feature, E-learning is made readily available to schools.

E-Transactions Without Hassle

One of the greatest challenges University education in Nigeria faces is seamless financial transactions. There is always a ton of paper work to be done in order to move money around and keep records, hence, institutions are faced with the problem of financial accountability and transparency. These issues range from receipt forgery, misappropriation of funds, long processes, network issues to many other similar problems. Unify solves this by giving institutions a singular platform where financial and business transactions ranging from school fees payment, invoice, receipt generation, verification, payroll and every other school payment and transaction are digitally managed. Unify’s security features also ensure that the school’s data are secure against third parties.

Under Unify’s special e-transaction innovations for tertiary institutions is its one-of-a-kind payment and wallet system. Unify creates a wallet system for its users that allows users easily perform all school-related financial transactions. Unify’s wallet system comes with its very own debit card that doubles is expected to double as an ID card for students and staff. Everything from fees payment, airtime, etc, can be done speedily and securely with this debit/ID card.

Discussion Forums

Communication in education is important, and having alternative ways of communication in schools can improve the teaching and learning process. Unify’s online discussion forums and chat features allow for more effective and prompt communication between students and lecturers. These discussion rooms and chat features give students a platform to communicate outside the lecture periods. This awesome innovation gives students and lecturers a social platform solely for academic purposes.


Unify also brings much-needed innovation to the tertiary institutions’ administrative and operations unit. The problems caused by an outdated and paper-based administrative system are effortlessly solved by Unify.

Unify moves the school administration and operations to its digital platform where processes like records and grades assessment, management, monitoring staff and student progress, as well as course registrations, results checking, E-library, etc, are digitally tracked and managed.

Unique Profile

One special innovation Unify brings to the Nigerian education system is the multifaceted nature of the digital platform. Unify encompasses all stakeholders in the higher educational system — administrative staff, governing board, lecturers, students, prospective students, parents, and alumni, digitizing their activities and process and ensuring all-round efficiency, transparency, and overall growth of the school. All these are achieved through specially dedicated user profiles. Each stakeholder in the school system has a unique dashboard specially designed for them, with features and options specially put in place for their operations.

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There’s Always More With Unify

Unify can never be a true platform of innovation for Nigerian education if it does not solve the problem of funding and affordability, which is one of the biggest reasons academic institutions shy away from many edutech solutions. Unify innovatively solves this problem for Nigerian universities as it comes at absolutely no cost to the institution. So at the end of the day, what you have is an edutech platform that creates a digital space for easy and efficient teaching and learning beyond the school’s four walls. Also, provides quick, effective, and secured financial and business transactions for the school, as well as digitization of all the school’s administrative activities and processes.

When innovation meets education, they birth creativity, value, profitability, productive learners, effective teachers, and overall efficiency in the educational process. This is why we say yes to innovation in the Nigerian educational system. We believe that Unify is poised to give Nigerian tertiary institutions the boost they need to progress. Unify gives students, parents, lecturers, and the entirety of the school institution the chance to be part of a truly progressive nation; a chance to be part of the future. Nigerian educational system needs all the benefits an effective edutech platform gives and Unify is that platform ready to transform and digitize the four walls of institutions in Nigeria.




Multiply your school’s intake and transform into a truly borderless institution. Let’s explore the fun way of learning with Unify.

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Multiply your school’s intake and transform into a truly borderless institution. Let’s explore the fun way of learning with Unify.

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