Five ways of an online casino scams.
How to protect yourself from fraud?

4 min readFeb 7, 2018

To win in a casino just lying on your sofa is a tempting opportunity for those who like gambling. This bait is used by many online casinos, lotteries, sweepstakes, introducing dishonest methods of play. Many online scammers would not mind to fill their pockets in with gullible players’ money. How do they do this? Read about the main ways of deception and how to resist it.

1) Affiliate programs. Scheme, used in network marketing: bring a friend and get a reward from his wins. You or your friend can play in an online casino and invite acquaintances to increase their income. Why is it profitable for the casino owner? Casino owners control game algorithms operation on the platforms in order to let a player ultimately loses more than he wins. The more people gamble in the casino, the more money they lose. Even if they play for small amount of money-this argument is used by some players or platforms as a “life hack, supposedly help them to win. It doesn’t work.

2) A unique winning scheme. The scammer claims that he invented a certain winning formula for online casinos. Usually he talks about his scientific activity or outstanding mathematical abilities — to convince you in his professionalism. He proposes to buy this formula for a nominal fee or gives it just by telling a casino name in which one the formula applies. At the same time, it gives a link to the casino, representing secretly its interests or participating in an affiliate program (see the first paragraph). The casino gets a new player, who wins sooner or later. And the fraud receives a percent of your loss.

3) By knowing the weak points in the algorithm. Another scenario of the previous paragraph. The fraudster says that he has found soft spots in the work of a certain casino and is ready to share this information. To involve you and let you get all excited, he confirms you that he does not know when casino owners will identify this vulnerability — but while it still works in favor of players, hurry up to take advantage. If the fraudster collaborates with the casino, he will receive a percentage of your loss. If no, he sells you some method (usually, the martingale system), which does not guarantee you a win. Anyhow, you’re being cheated.

4) Game without investment. The scammer comes to you through a social network, communication on the forum or newsletter. He offers to play at a specific casino on… his money — ostensibly he has no time to play, but there is a winning strategy and deposit. You’ll spend 1–3 hours on the game, and as a reward from him receive of a few tens of dollars per day. Exciting challenge, isn’t it? You have nothing to lose, but you get paid ! Practically it turns out completely different scenario. If you lose money, the fraudster threats you in order get them back (in fact, the “lost” money remains with the casino, which the fraudster works for). If you win, the fraudster refuses to pay for your services, and limits your access to the account. Assuming that you know the winning strategy, you open a new account, put your money on it and… lose.

5) God’s mode. There are owners of any online casino. They have feasibility to control user accounts, track their game and so on (God mode). Noticing that you are lucky more than others (or simulating such a situation), they change algorithm relating you. At one point you lose, having lost everything. Corny, but… it is impossible to win a significant amount at such casino.

Also, the casino is able to suspend the payment of winnings for various reasons, using your confidential information (postal addresses, card details, logins, passwords) for personal gain.

New trends in technology to step fraudsters around and protect the gamblers from cheating. For example, using block chain which creates a pass- through scheme of interaction between participants of online games. How does it work? Consider the example of the gambling platform UNILOT.

1) God- off mode. “God mode” doesn’t exist in the system. Users play with each other, not with the owners of the platform. What is UNILOT interest? They receive a small percentage of gamblers’ deposit and are not interested in their losing or winning. It all depends on players themselves and luck.

2) There is no deposit risk. Up the end of the game the user fully controls their finance. Payouts to winners are guaranteed. Only the loss and the commission services is deducted from the account.

3) Clear game process. For this purpose the system uses smart contracts of the recognized leader of the Ethereum industry. Gamblers watch the shuffling of cards, and all steps are recorded in the block chain.

4) 100% information protection. It is impossible to steal information stored in smart contracts or p2p block chain. No one accesses your data but you. Owners doesn’t have access to the system and personal players data.

5) No hidden circuits. Since user actions are recorded in smart contracts and players interact only with each other, UNILOT does not have affiliate programs. Clear gambling will always attract fans to flip the coin. So, fraudulent schemes are excluded

The capabilities of the block chain in providing transparency of gambling are unlimited. Some governments are already implementing the technology in the administrative and financial systems. Not surprisingly, the designers of the new platform decided to use block chain in the online gambling market, where fraud and cheating players flourish. If you don’t want to risk your money and prefer to gamble fairly, try the block chain features and share your experience with others!




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