Two months ago today, the Union Capital collective was conceived — or made publicly accessible — in order to provide everyone with the opportunity to invest in the Outer Ring project under more fair terms.

In a context where the investment in the project was limited and/or meant dealing with groups charging high fees or enforcing abusive conditions (never with the best interest of their own investors in mind) we proposed Union as a better alternative and with the intention of setting a precedent in an industry where greed and carelessness are established and commonplace.

Following this line of action — that of offering a better alternative — , this new system comes into play.

Given this situation and demand, we’re introducing the Popular Projects system as a solution.

In one hand

We will keep working on our selection of investments, which we will continue to share publicly with the community. Nothing changes.

On the other

We’re adding this popular option to serve all those (whether they are already members of the community, or external ones who aren’t yet) who are seeking access to specific projects. This way, we can avoid them dealing with higher fees; Launchpad platforms with excessive staking requirements for negligible investment tickets, already in public phases; or having no access to the private phase of a project whatsoever, for there is none.

How does it work?

  1. Any member of the community can suggest a project via the available form for that purpose, accessible by typing /project in the chat.
  2. The most popular projects will be taken into consideration and will undergo thorough filtering and subsequent examination and analysis — we wouldn’t tolerate embracing mediocre or low-potential projects.
  3. If its viability is high, we will launch an interest poll for 24 hours and, if the result is favorable, we will work on its access to introduce it as an investment so that those mentioned above who want to, can hereby invest. All parallel to the Union projects.

This new system is conceived at the service of investors whilst in line with Union’s philosophy of providing a better alternative and serving the community.

Therefore, we consider it a positive addition (not a change) for the better, giving the community a stronger voice and acting as a catalyst for its growth, facilitating for a greater and broader audience to benefit from the advantages the group offers in comparison to all others of similar or same nature.

Ultimately, so that more investors can enjoy a more profitable access to projects of their choosing, alongside a more diligent or solicitous interaction, as none of it should be perceived as a bonus but rather as default or expected, which after all, is the group’s “raison d’être” [purpose] since its inception.

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Union Capital

Union Capital

Community-driven collective with the purpose of giving everyone a fair chance at partaking in private investments.