UnionChain starts IDO to investors

Jul 28, 2019 · 5 min read

UnionChain launched Initial Digital Offering in one of the largest all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet vendor ELLIPAL. Investors can buy token UNION through IDO at price start from 0.17 USD, 1% growth per day till reach to the price in exchange market. totally 1 million union tokens in pool. Investors will get 50% of amounts immediately, rest 50% will be instalment, 25% each per month during 2 months. Investors are able to freely exchange union immediately in Vindax or continue to hold it.

Project choose instalment instead of lockup, to let investors gain liquidity.

UnionChain already listed in Vindax, Current Union listing price in Vindax is higher than IDO price 0.17 USD.

Investors pay instalment to gain profit from IDO. Essentially, IDO is the first round of early stage safety investment like Angel Investment in real world business.

The different are IDO is public while angel investment is private. Hence IDO take more liquidity than angel investment and investors need take decision by themselves.

Following is the guideline for details.

Step1 Download ellipal app from


Step2 sign up

remember input DVZJR5 in your invitation code, then you will reward 30 CCT in your wallet.

step3 Create Account

Click on the first option create account.

Fill in the required Information then the account is created.

Click “Backup mnemonic words” after the account is created successfully.

Please read the notes carefully before starting the back up.

The mnemonic consists of 12 words and is used to restore your account. Please copy it accurately on paper and keep it in a safe place and do not let anyone know.

Note: If the mnemonic is lost, the assets in the account will be permanently lost, there will be no way to get it back!

Verify the mnemonic.Enter the 12 words in order after you have wrote it down. If you have made a mistake, you can clear it and re-enter by selecting on the wrong word, or by selecting the “Empty” button and in-put again.

Note: If you find that you have not backed up the mnemonic, you can select the Back button in the upper left corner to return to the Create Account page, resubmit and back up the new mnemonic.

After you have verified the mnemonics, you can go ahead and select which currencies you want to store in this account. ELLIPAL will go ahead and create new addresses for you. This will be your new cold wallet account.

Step4 adding UNION token into your ellipal wallet.

Click ETH coin, then goes inside it.

Choose + in right

then search token name UNION, and add it.

Goes back, you will see union is in your ellipal, it has same assets address as eth.

Step5 exchange union

goes to Finance page, you will see exchange, click it

go inside

you can write UNION in search currency ticker to find union.

then you can make deal.

Keep in mind UNION support BTC and Eth pairs both.

UNION is Deflationary token. The economic model of UnionChain has three Pillars:

1 Liquidity Value Should Depend On Real Economy (=Network) Growth. Which abides by the Metcalf’s Law.

2 Activities Should Be Rewarded. IDO is type of contribution by reward.

3 DAO Decreases Agent Cost. UnionChain designed value Circulation and Reflection Mechanism, this value re-distribution guarantee all roles in participation gain benefits.

There is algorithm to implement Liquidity Control in UnionChain, investors can read whitepaper to investigate more. Find information in website www.unionchain.io. More tools/software/hardware will launch to market soon.

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