Field Trip now shares your Basecamp activity in Google Hangouts Chat.

We originally built Field Trip to replace our Basecamp email notifications with helpful Slack messages. It was an app designed to make our small team spend less time in email and more time focusing on work happening in Basecamp.

Less than a year later we’ve had thousands of users let us know that Field Trip helped make their Basecamp 2 and 3 experiences better!

Field Trip has been VASTLY more popular than we anticipated. So when Google reached out and asked us to add Hangouts Chat support, we jumped…

Basecamp isn’t like most other software as a service products. Every few years a major new version of Basecamp is released that rethinks how their product functions. The new version doesn’t replace the old version, it’s released and supported in addition to the previous versions that teams are still happily using. Customers can update when it’s easiest for them… or not at all!

That means there are currently three distinct versions of Basecamp still being actively supported: Basecamp Classic, Basecamp 2, and Basecamp 3. Because of this approach, there are three distinct versions of the Basecamp API that we had…

Field Trip shares your Basecamp activity in Slack.

Such a simple idea has helped us, and over 100 other teams, use both Slack and Basecamp to their full potential.

We’ve been Basecamp users for years. It’s an outstanding tool that lets our team work together and stay organized. When you combine it with email and Campfire, you’ve got everything you need to run a business. But, the system falls apart when you switch from email and Campfire to Slack for team communication.

As soon as we moved to Slack our Basecamp email notifications sat neglected and unread in our inboxes…

Releasing QuickBit to the Chrome Web Store in late 2015 was a super exciting moment. It was our first product that we built and launched as part of Union Code! We built it to solve a need that existed on our own team, so we didn’t have high user acquisition expectations. But since we launched, over 10,000 people have installed and used QuickBit to easily track their activities and water intake. Completely unexpected and incredibly encouraging for our tiny team!

With such an unexpected number of people signing up for QuickBit we received an equally unexpected amount of feedback! …

When we started Union Code, we had no specific product in mind. We didn’t spend months frustrated about a problem and then band together to solve it like altruistic, adventurous founders. Our startup story is rational and that translates into how we run Union Code.

Arc is our second product and the first that we’ve considered building a business around. We’ve talked about why we created Arc in an earlier blog post, so this time I’ll focus on Arc’s growth as a product and it’s future as a business. We don’t have billion dollar expectations but we feel like Arc…

Our latest design change incorporates tabs into the dashboard with two goals in mind:

  1. Improving the onboarding process
  2. Positioning summaries front and centre.

We achieved both by only showing what you need when you need it.

We recently made an improvement in to help you better understand your visitors. It’s small, but packs a big punch. 👊

Your daily summaries now compare yesterday to the same day of the previous week. Said simply, Saturday is now compared to last Saturday.

Slack as a platform is hot right now. Since the Slack App Directory was announced, most Slack products are using one of two methods to interact with users: Slack as a command center or Slack as a notification center.

Slack as a Command Center

This is where lots of Slack apps live today. They allow you to use natural language (kinda) or /commands to help users solve problems or pull information from an existing service. There are a lot of great apps that use slack as a command center, such as: Howdy, Birdly, and Meekan.

How often do you check your analytics: Once a day? Once a week? Less?

When we launched QuickBit we looked at Google Analytics everyday. Whoever checked first posted the numbers into Slack and we all congratulated ourselves on our growth. We wanted to stay on top of the progress and really start using the data to give our users a better experience. But, as the days turned to months, we got distracted. We were working on new products that took all our focus.

For a small team like ours, checking analytics never felt like our highest priority.

We were disappointed…

Much harder than I ever gave it credit for.

I’ve worked alongside advertising agency copywriters for years. A lot of them are gifted writers that I love and respect. But a part of me felt like I could create some magic of my own. I felt like I was capable of looking at a blank page and filling it with the perfect blend of effectiveness and wit.

Wow, was I wrong.

When we started Union Code, I was writing soulless product copy and dry blog posts. Every word my fingers managed to type stabbed another hole in my confidence. But…

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