• Ivan @ yanado.com

    Ivan @ yanado.com

    Entrepreneur and software developer. Working at my new startup: http://t.co/nhwrwy8B2Z

  • Howard Riminton

    Howard Riminton

  • Philip Graham

    Philip Graham

  • Ruta Raju

    Ruta Raju

    Product Design Leader @CastlighHealth. Co-founded @Geopopsinc & @Cubesales. Previously with @mint.com, @SAP & @Yahoo.

  • Molly Stark Dean

    Molly Stark Dean

    I used to interview my stuffed animals when I was little. Long story short: I’m a major #NewsNerd. 📰🤓

  • Silvia De Angelis

    Silvia De Angelis

    Marketing & Communication Student. Music Lover. Aspiring Traveler.

  • Ole Ruch

    Ole Ruch

    MD APAC & Northern Europe Airbnb. I fly a lot. Building startups.

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