The life of a travelling girl in Hualien!


The photos in my phone that makes me smile and remember me back to al the things I have been through. So this is my journey — my Hallelujah Hualien and Uniquefun story from the start to the end. Hard to describe in details because then I would have to write a novel or something but here is some yummy pieces.

It al started the first of June, I arrived to Taiwan after a terrible last weeks in Philippines. I was feeling so sad and unhappy, was bitten by a dog and it was so hard to get the vaccination and the people didn’t want to help me.

BUT Uniquefun, Hualien and my new family helped me back on track. There kindness, there happiness and love brought me back to life. I was honestly on my way home if it hadn’t been for them.

I will never forget my first day. Al got together for an SUP day. 
Thought I hadn’t slept in one day I felt so lively.

The next day I visit World Gym — my lord. I had a new love. After 4 months without a proper gym, I was in heaven. If you are a person who has a passion for workout, you know the feeling. Remember doing my first Bodypump class and I was crying of happiness. After the class I went in to the bathroom and recorded a video for my mum, I just watched it and the endorphins are hard to miss. The next days a tried so many classes and spend every minute that I had left. I met so many new people at the gym and also the best instructor in the world. My Dory, her Bodycombat- classes was so damn amazing. I can still feel the feeling when entering the class.

My third day I discovered a new side of myself. I got the feeling of endorphins from another thing then workout- Endouro motorbiking. Vincent showed me how to drive and then the journey began. The wonderful trips up in the mountain. The trips along the beach and the trips where the rain was pouring down and we were still so happy. New roads were found, new programs were made and new memories were created.

I few days after did we have our first get-together night with so much food and laughter. Everyone cooked something and brought to the table. I did a long with some other things an apple-pie and it became famous after that night. So happy they liked it, I had to thank my grandmother for that. Then everyone went to the beach for fireparty. It was raining but we al was having a good time standing there felt the heat of the fire while sharing a towel with a friend.

After a week at Uniqefun I had cleaned the whole house almost. So now was the time to PAINT and do a makeover. So happy! We bought paint for the office, the livingroom and the stairs. My painting-team and I started in the office. We got all done in one day and the result was so good, a new blue office. After I rearrange the office space, brought down a new couch, new curtains, new working space and we also got a new ceiling. A couple of days after it were time for the livingroom. A new peach colored livingroom, a new purple couch and a nice space to hang out in. After that we stated in the stair and got more help form the boys. So quick and off course the result was the best.

So my painting days was over or so I thought but I got a new project. Make my own room. Cleaned the room, painted it, the ceiling was changed and then I arranged it with three beds. Got myself a queen-size bed and I have never slept better. I was so pride off that room.

Thought a have discovered my happiest days but I was wrong. Hualien had more to offer. Taroko National Park, I was in love AGAIN. Seeing the stunning nature, the breathtaking mountain, The different trails, the temples, the colorful butterflies and the fresh air. WOW lacking in words, so amazing!

My first trail was Zhuiliu old trail, a 3km long trail mostly uphill. The first two kilometers wasn’t so much to see but the reword was coming. That view you got to see when reaching the top. Walking along the mountain, seeing the river far way down and just admire the nature. It was a new endorphin kick. I knew when I left that I would return and so right I was. I returned three times more to do the different trails. One time for a new program at Uniquefun, trying to find new spots and two times I took my racer ladybike 25km to Taroko for exploring in the nature. I really love it, using your body, sweating as hell and feeling you’re hart almost betting out from you’re chest and then you see the view! Then you just forget about the fight to get up, you feel that you are having the power of the world.

Try it, you won’t regret it.

On my ladybike! I have always loved to walk around to explore but sense things around is a little bit longer away I used the company ladybike. It was me and the bike, dreamteam. One day I decided to see the Qingshui cliff, a bikeride for a couple of hours. Packed my lunch and water and the journey began. The road was good but the last 10km was in the mountain, biking up and down. Can’t say it enough but the VIEW. Like a movie or something. The bluest water I have ever seen it was beautiful and a lovely adventure. On my way back I just heard a boom and looked back at my tire and it was flat. OHOH! Started to walk and all of the sudden the rescue was by my side. Two beautiful Taiwanese girls and a car. They picked me up and brought me back home, so kind and good hearted people.

My journey will never end, this is not good bye its see you again. 
This is my home, this is my family, and this is my love! During my stay here I have meet some of the best people ever. They have showed me a new way of life and the experience and adventure at Uniquefun has been a memory of a lifetime. I will never forget this place, make yourself a favor and come here. My Love, Hualien — SEE YOU AGAIN!

Al the LOVE! \ Felicia