A Journey of a thousand miles starts with a step”, this saying prompted the bold steps I took some months back into this formidable career path.


My Name is Kalu Nnenna Ezinne, an Office Technology and Management Student of Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana, Ebonyi State and an Android Developer(Beginner). Growing up as a teenager, I observed am so obsessed with anything that had to do with computers, I noticed within me that I feel fulfilled and happy working on a computer but then, I had this kind of phobia for programming too. Back then in my second year, I was part of the students that said ‘NO’ to learning programming as one of the topics in one of our courses; Management Information System(MIS) because I felt programming is too broad and difficult. That would have been my first encounter anyway, but I missed it though.


It all started on 1st January 2017, when I was penning down my new year resolutions, and I said to myself, “Girl, you need to do something very different this year” and since it was my IT(Industrial Training) year, I decided to take better advantage of it, that was how I decided to fully go into tech, even though my head was blank as to what “going into tech” implies because all I had was the basic knowledge in computer science. Through the help of a friend, Ada Oyom Nduka, I got the contact of the organizer of Google Developers Group (GDG) Aba, John Nnanna Oji and after series of chats with him on social media, on 7th February 2017, he invited me for an interview at Rad5 Technologies. On reading the chat about the interview, my brain started formatting. Interview?! I became confused on whether to go or not, but thanks to Ada who encouraged me to go for the interview which i later did and after the interview, I was offered to join the ongoing Rad5 Tech internship. You see; “Fear is one of the greatest barriers to success, defeat it and you are halfway to your success”.

On 9th February 2017, I started the internship and I must say from that very day till now I’ve learnt a lot, have no course for regrets at all.

Being a newbie in programming and in the “world of tech”, I had to start from scratch, I started learning Java programming for the very first time because it was the bedrock for Mobile App Development(Android) and hmm it wasn’t easy at all. At first, it was difficult for me to understand how programs works, what programming is all about, Java syntax and conventions and the most frustrating part of it; debugging, it could take me several hours trying to debug a program and may end up not fixing things right, yet I refused to accept defeat, I don’t give up easily because I always got this saying ringing in my head; “Quitters never win and Winners never quit”. Thanks to my mentors; Mr John Nnanna Oji and Mr Uguru Igwe for the patience and words of encouragement and also for believing in me and my wonderful colleagues; peter akwa, Chikwado Okoye and Don Iyke Davis, thanks for seeing me through with your explanations in areas I didn’t understand and for encouraging me too, you guys made everything easy for me.


I’ve completed some Java courses for beginners and also solved some problem codes too.

My highest point in java was writing a credit card validation program. The program was to show whether a credit card was valid or not, it took me three weeks to really get the code working.

Currently, I’m learning Android Development. I’ve carried out some projects from the Android Beginners’ Course like a Contact App, Coffee Ordering App, Basketball Score App and Konga App UI Design.


Coffee Ordering App
Contact App
Basketball Score App
Konga UI Design


To all those still aspiring to be developers especially ladies, hope you’d get inspired by my story. Take a bold step today and you won’t regret it, it only takes patience, determination and faith in God to achieve any set goal. Dare to be different today, do something unique! I feel sad whenever techies gather for tech events and the number of guys overshadows that of ladies, then I begin to ask myself, where are our ladies?! Remember it has been proven that we have better opportunities as ladies in tech than these guys. Let’s help bridge the gap. C’mon, it’s in you! You can do it!


To fellow developers, keep doing what you love doing, be at your best always. Don’t let anything take you off the track cos we are heading somewhere, let nothing weigh you down not even bugs(chuckles). Keep learning, keep building and keep developing!

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