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Here is the first of a series of articles — extracted from our whitepaper — that aim to educate investors about the vision of the project.

This first article is quite long given that it presents the philosophy and the vision of the project. The upcoming ones will be shorter and easier to read. promise 🤞

1. Introduction


Unirexcity is a gamified social network - experiment - powered by Web3 technologies on the Solana network. A modern metaverse that combines all the learnings from other prominent social platforms, directly accessible in the web browser without installing any software locally.

Many video games are considered social hubs already, acquiring players through simplicity and shiny graphics, then retaining them thanks to in-game friendships. Fortnite is an example of these games, loosely classified as a social network based on shared interests. One of the reasons it retains 8M players at any given moment is because 50% of the teen players are there to Keep up with their friends.

The social success of Fortnite, although not designed for this specific purpose, paves the way as an early experiment to many possibilities for the next generation of social networks.

This project aims to evolve with its users. The vision may pivot, but as a Web3 startup, our objective is to eventually prove the following hypothesis:

Combining social experiences, Web3, and gaming, we will make social networks great again.


Social Media has helped Web2 evolve to what it is today. Many businesses were built around social networks, and some experienced substantial growth thanks to the new social shift we are lived through in the last decade.

None of that was thought possible in the Web1 era. The next phase of the evolution of social interactions is very different from what it is today. It will open a host of new exciting possibilities.

Most social network platforms managed to create the perfect and most engaging social feed. Mostly based on friendships & closed circles, creating — in many cases — a personal bubble for each of its users. Yet, the real world is different, it is more chaotic and could be unpredictably fun:

  • Asking a stranger for directions, and discovering that both of you have common interests.
  • Talking to random people in the park after the morning run.
  • Listening in on random conversations in the bar or while having a meal in a restaurant.

From that perspective, our social network will be:

  • Unchained from the User Feed imposed by current social media platforms.
  • Faceted according to users’ moods: 1) Interactive game-based, 3D (or 2D) experiences, 2) or classic simple interfaces (like what we have today)
  • Owned by its users and financially profiting for them.
  • Allowing trustless P2P interactions

2. Metaverse


Our metaverse is imagined in a post-apocalyptic, modern environment. Survivors learned the hard lesson of respecting nature around them while having access to decades of science & technology.

The experiences will revolve around:

  • Positive social interactions
  • Gaming & gamification
  • Eco-responsibility
  • Communities


This new virtual world is divided into several functional zones:

  • Entertainment
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Culture
  • Financial
  • Charity

Each zone is composed of one or more activities/experiences, and each its own set of rules:

  • Independence: Whether it can be accessed directly through the browser or exclusively through the metaverse.
  • Access: Whether open access or restricted through a combination of whitelists/blacklists
  • Availability: Whether available 24/7 or limited to specific dates/times.
  • Cost: Whether free, one-time fee or access-based fee, etc...

To reward your patience for reaching this point, here is a silly family joke 😅

Q: Why couldn’t the leopard play hide and seek?
A: Because he was always spotted.



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