How to enter a foreign university?

In the world there are many charitable foundations that provide assistance to prospective students, scientists, in obtaining grants for continuing education or their work.

But in order to receive such scholarship, you must first enter a prestigious university.

And if there are young people who, usually with the help of their parents, can study in an expensive educational institution, what do many talented children do that generate really unique ideas, but because of a lack of money they cannot study at the university?

You tell me, get a grant. But universities allocate the minimum number of such grants, and discounts provide only units, because the university is also a commercial enterprise and it needs to earn money, at least to pay salaries to teachers.

Seeking help from the charitable foundation is also a good decision, but the choice among the many candidates in such a fund depends on the subjective opinion of its leadership.

In order to help potential students who do not have the means to pay for tuition, we offer them on the United Minds platform to publish their author’s works and achievements in science, IT, creativity, sports, business and culture.
The most talented works will be promoted by United Minds on a special rating, the level of which will be determined by investors by voting.

The higher the rating of a young man who published his talented and unique work, the more votes he has, the higher his chances to get investments from United Minds and investors to pay for training.

Thus, investors at an early stage will be able to identify potential geniuses who will receive material support from them.

We have set ourselves the following questions:
Question one: how can a talented and potential student be able to raise money to pay for tuition on the United Minds platform?

The second question: how to motivate an investor to invest in the training of a potential student?

Question three: how to combine the desire of a potential student to study at the university and the investor’s desire to benefit from investing in a potential student?

And our team knows that our voting system of the best and unique works that can turn the world will serve as a good motivation for investors, invest in students, potential students will be able to raise money to pay for tuition, and universities among thousands of candidates choose the best and worthy, saving on the advertising budget significant funds, which will reduce the cost of training.

All this will allow solving the three questions posed before us.






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