introduction to five continents in UN — asia africa americas europe oceania

Since we follow five-olympic-circles as our logo/symbol/emblem for world-peace, we also consider that five-olympic-circles as five-continents, asia africa americas europe oceania.

The number of continents in world varies according thinking of individuals, We follow five-continent-rule becaz of five-circles in olympics

here is list of multiple-continents-

One main important way we divide continents is primarily based on population, but not based on geographical-area

For example, the region-chennai although part of asia in geography, it may collaborate with oceania-continent since its in coastal-areas, We consider all coastal-areas of world as part of oceania, but traditionally south-east-asia is called oceania

according to , “some 40% of the human population resides within two kilometers of the coast”

Thus oceania-continent has influence over 40% of total human-population of world

These five-continents can be called as “Supercontinents” “In geology, a supercontinent is the assembly of most or all of Earth’s continental blocks or cratons to form a single large landmass” — wikipedia

According to datas in wikipedia, currently Asia has 59.5% of world human-population and oceania has only 0.5% of world human-population, but as we divide continents based on populations & coastal-areas, both asia & oceania are likely to get around 20% each, similar to rest of the continents

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