theme for international peace day 2016 — assemble coalition to disassemble WMDs


upcoming international peace day 2016-sep-21 is big reminder for us to make long time international peace

As WMDs are number-one threat for world-peace, let the theme for this day be, “assemble coalition to disassemble WMDs”

i request all to participate in building world-peace for all, so more the participation, then more we can disassemble WMDs & make long time world-peace

WMDs is not just nukes & other big weapons, even a small-gun is WMD

As our ultimate purpose of our life to protect life, liberty & pursuit of happiness of all others in universe, and for this, WMDs & guns are no use, then why build it? so lets disassemble it by building many institutions of friendship like temples/churches

- m

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