How to cook with Induction pressure cooker

It’s not magic specifically however it is very close to this .once you sit ahead of a bright heater and feel the warmth, induction change of state uses magnetic fields that induces heat within the specially-designed cooking utensil placed on high of it.

Basically, the pot becomes the component that cooks the food that the pressure cooker surface does not get as hot as alternative pressure cooker. Induction cooker have identical instant management as gas and are the quickest of all cook high to heat and cook food as an example, they take regarding the time of typical pressure cooker to boil water. You can choose according to your family size like you have small family then you can Buy 1 Litre Pressure Cooker online, Buy 2 Litre Pressure Cooker online of if you have large family then can Buy 3 Litre Pressure Cooker online best pressure cookers in India.

Induction provides quicker heating, improved thermal potency, and additional consistent heating than change of state by thermal conductivity, with precise management the same as gas. The induction part has heating performance adore a gas jet; however is considerably additional energy efficient. The surface of the cooking utensil is heated solely by the pot and then doesn’t sometimes reach a venturesome temperature. As a result of the temperature of the change of state surface matches that of the pot, this allows precise management of the change of state temperature. The system shuts down the part if a pot isn’t gift or not giant enough. Induction cookers are simple to scrub as a result of the change of state surface is flat and sleek and doesn’t get hot enough to create spilled food burn and stick. Because the cook high is shallow compared to a gas-fired or electrical coil change of state surface, access may be improved.

Getting the best from your induction pressure cooker

Need to boil, and then simmer not a problem. Immediate heat means an immediate change in heat with a quick touch of the control pad. Get to know your new equipment and you’ll be finding shortcuts and efficiencies you never knew existed. And if you’re still deciding, it’s worth keeping a couple of things in mind so you don’t waste your money on something that isn’t right for you.

Some dos and don’ts while using induction cooker


1. Try to Read the instructions carefully that came with your smart pressure cooker. It sounds very simple, but so many people don’t and expect it to be as simple as mashing all the buttons and hoping for the best. United is presenting all the models with updated manual Pressure Cooker Exporters, Pressure Cooker Suppliers with new smart features and best Price, you can also check the united pressure cooker reviews .

2. Try to Use induction-specific cookware. Check your existing cookwares and pans are suitable; if not then buy the correct type cookwares

3. Try Keep your pressure and pans more clean. Cookware that has a dirty base can affect the way they cook keeping them clean means better performance.


1. NeverLeave food unattended on the pressure cooker.

2. Use pots with warped bases — it’ll affect their cooking ability if they’re not making full contact with the cook top surface.

3. Place hot pans near the control area, as it could damage the controls.

Cleaning of induction cookers:

Induction pressure cooker is very easy to clean. They have endless surface with no dirt traps, and also the controls area unit touch-sensitive, thus there aren’t any knobs to scrub around. As a result of the surface does not get as hot as alternative pressure cookers, most spillages will not bake on though you are doing ought to take care with sugar as a result of it will burn on and build Associate in nursing uneven surface. On the drawback, some models haven’t got a lip round the edge to contain spills, thus you ought to get a special cream to stay it streak-free.

Energy consumption:-

Induction models claim energy-efficiency over alternative previous pressures , but we have a tendency to found they save energy and cash by heating the pot lots quicker instead of exploitation less energy overall.

Smart cooking:-

Induction cooks super square measure capable of all styles of clever tricks. they will discover if a pan has cooked dry, and switch the part off or down .If you switch the part on however the pan material is incompatible or there isn’t any pan in the slightest degree, it’ll indicate the error and will not heat up.Now that you simply savvy to use Associate in Nursing induction cookware, you’ll be able to build a additional educated call regarding whether or not one would fit your home.

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