And the Award for Best Picture…

These are our top 3 choices for a smartphone camera

  1. Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL

The single-lens camera on the Pixel 2 is the same exact one on the Pixel 2 XL — and it is absolutely the best camera on a smartphone today. Although it only has a single lens, Google’s image processing software is second to none. It comes with an all new portrait mode that also works with the front-facing selfie camera, so you can take selfies with a beautiful blurred background. The colors feel quite natural and are not over or under saturated with an almost perfect contrast ratio. The detail even with the zoom is quite impressive when compared to other smartphone cameras. Overall, this camera is the best smartphone camera on the market today.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Although last year’s Note 7 had many burning issues, the camera was phenomenal, nonetheless. This year’s model improves upon its predecessor by making the rear camera a dual-lens system: one regular wide-angle lens and another telephoto lens for increased optical zoom. Samsung’ image processing software stitches together two of the best photos from these two lenses to create the best possible photograph at that one moment. The speed from clicking the capture button to when the actual picture is taken is almost instantaneous, even faster than that of the Pixel 2 camera. The colors, just like other Samsung phones, are a little oversaturated, but doesn’t draw too much away from the photo quality. The detail is lifelike precision due to the telephoto lens that maintains detail even with zoom. In general, the Note 8’s camera is one of the best cameras on a smartphone .

3. Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X takes the best of the previous iPhone cameras and enhances those aspects. Like the Note 8, the iPhone X has a dual-lens rear camera with one telephoto lens that, when combined, delivers an almost flawless combination of color, detail, contrast in the form of a stunning photograph. Although it is not the single best camera of any phone, it is undoubtedly the best camera from Apple; this is true for both the front and rear cameras. The new front facing TrueDepth camera, like the Pixel 2, can take quite impressive portrait mode selfies, automatically detecting and blurring the background to emphasize the foreground. In the end, the camera on the iPhone X In the end, the camera on the iPhone X is quite similar to the top 2, but falls just a bit short when comparing colors and detail.

Nowadays, smartphone camera quality can begin to compete with professional camera quality, but much improvement can still be made. Based on the current technology, those are our top 3 choices for smartphone cameras on the market today.