Using physical and emotional needs to fight Seasonal Depressive Disorder

How you can use Psych 101 to handle mental health concerns

Alpine educator explains why YOU are important in a child’s life

Looking at children's behavior in a different light

  • an adolescent whose moodiness seems extreme, even for puberty
  • a student who is hanging in there academically, but seems to be gradually losing confidence
  • a child who has a couple of close friends, but also seems increasingly excluded from larger social groups

Focus less on “life lessons” and more on the Golden Rule

Using our imagination and our empathy can be hard, but the same things that make us feel better after a long day are the same things that can help a child feel better. (Adobe Stock)

“Just keep your eye on the ball!”

United Way of Utah County

United Way of Utah County works to advance the common good by focusing on improving education, income and health. We invite you to be part of the change.

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