1.Three new games are connected to the UPA platform: Tangmen Liudao 3D, Xia Ke Xing, Qing Yi Jiang Hu (Fight against Jianghu);
2.Fragmentation of Wanlima game fusion and evolution.

1.Unitopa Crowdfunding Phase II project is released in advance;
2.UE’s first round of panic buying is over, and the second round of panic buying is in preparation.

1.Query optimization design, modify the node synchronization status check method and process, check the node synchronization status before querying the node event log, to avoid the problem of node status error due to data synchronization;
2.Make a preliminary understanding of the current industry blockchain business scenarios, including: human resources, business and corporate governance, credit evaluation, publishing and other industries to the application of migration to the blockchain, to provide support for the subsequent expansion to multiple fields.

1. UPA platform receives three new games: Tangmen Six Road 3D, Chivalry, Love Rivers (Fighting Rivers and Lakes);
2. Wanlima Game Arena S16 season qualifying is open.

1. Unitopia’s first ecological coin UE will be launched soon;
2. The Unitopia activity system has completed testing and is ready to go live.

1. Optimize the user experience of the new game “Lianjin Farm (provisional translation)” to improve the fluency of the game;
2. Evacuation of subsequent Unitopia optimization directions, prioritization of third-party payments, off-chain data synchronization and other proposed optimization directions, to provide a reference for further improving user experience.

1. UPA platform accesses three new games: Meow Star is coming, Long Sword Fairy World, and Fairy Nostalgia;
2. Wanlima game function optimization, new events can be exchanged for UPA horse food.

1. Crowdfunding (second phase) development and testing of new functional modules;
2. Start to optimize the functions of internal transfer display, remarks and other functions of UPA.

1. The second round of testing of the new game “Lianjin Farm (provisional translation)” has ended, and the problems arising from the test have been modified;
2. Deeply dig into the current UPA ecological environment and develop new ecological functions of UPA.



Unitopia is a decentralized game aggregation platform based on blockchain technology.

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