Complete Multiplayer FPS Shooter Game By quill18

AAA_FPS_GOTY: Complete Multiplayer FPS Shooter Game (Ludum Dare 26 — Theme: Minimalism)

Just one gun, no ammo, and no complex terrain. “Shoot (AAA_FPS_GOTY)” only contains the elements that are absolutely required for a fun PEW PEW PEW experience: — Multiplayer, with automatic server assignment and room joining. (Up to 16 players!) — Bots to fill empty slots. — Health/Armor pickups for strategic movement and map control. — A metric ton of death sounds. Shoot can be played offline vs bots, but for the best experience you should play online…with friends to frag! ****** The creation of “Shoot.” was livestreamed from start to finish in front of ~8,000 unique viewers. Ludum Dare just wouldn’t be the same without you guys! Looking for people to play with? Jump into this Raidcall channel — there’s probably someone online! Raidcall Channel ID: 6104517 Twitter: @quill18 Email: YouTube: Livestream: Tools: Unity 3d/C#, Photon Unity Networking, A* Pathfinding Project Free. Blender, Photoshop. All sounds were made using a my voice, plus some Audacity filters. ———-

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