We are back with yet a new DApp Dark Matter Harvest (DMH), What is DMH, How do i earn DMH and Why choose DMH.

DMH is a TRC-20 token, the Cap for DMH is 15,000 meaning tokens cannot be minted once this number is reached. This will ensure that tokens cant be minted and sold by the devs so this project can stay fair and square to Investors and Users.


Dark Matter Harvest will have a presale that starts ( Sep 15 19:00 EST ) The price per token is 500Trx and there will only be 5000 Tokens up for grabs each user is restricted to 500 tokens. So that way no one person can own a large % of the supply.

Presale is a great opportunity for users to collect some DMH before they list on Just.Swap and price inflates.

Why Presale and whats does the future hold

We want to hold a Presale to create Volume for the token and liq that we can add to Just.Swap.

Funds we will use to buyback tokens and hold price more steadily and create a community we believe in, We will have all our contracts OPEN SOURCE and VERIFIED in addition, we hope to create more DApps in the future that rewards holders of DMH and try to get listed on dexs as well.

Just.Swap Liq and pools

Around 90% of Presale will be instantly added to Just.swap to create volume and liq for the tokens and the last 10% will be used for funds to buy back tokens and future plans. After the presale, the only way to Earn DMH is to either Buy tokens from Dex/Just.swap or earn them with Pool staking the Pools available will be DMH/SUN DMH/UsdJ DMH/JST DMH/PEARL DMH/TAI And lastly DMH/DMH or DMH TRX-LP/DMH this will be voted on by our community ( Dmh TRX-LP is Liq pool tokens you earn by staking trx and DMH on just.swap )

Staking is 100% FREE and will always be FREE, we also do not earn anything from any unstake, harvest, or withdraw. Pools are 100% dev free and nothing from pools will go to devs.

Why choose Dark Matter Harvest

There is no hiding it there are a lot of scams out there, but rest assured we are not one, We have been working with Frag token and create MoonInc, We are a team of friends and hope to create many new DApps for you in the future and make Crypto great again!

Join us and harvest the most valuable resource of them all Dark Matter


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