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The 8 Health Moonshot Principles: StartUp Health’s Blueprint for Achieving the Impossible

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started with an impossible dream: a 25-year plan to transform global health by investing in and uniting a global army committed to achieving health moonshots.

When we launched StartUp Health at the beginning of 2011, we didn’t know the details. Heck, we didn’t even have a website. All we had was a commitment to our vision, an idea for a novel collaborative innovation model, and a belief that if the world could put a person on the Moon and deliver them safely home again — all in only 10 years — then in today’s golden era of innovation and abundance, we should be thinking more boldly about how to solve the world’s most pressing health challenges.

But in addition to our vision (that many laughed at), some innovative ideas (mostly way too early) and lots of inspiration (largely originating from outside of healthcare), we had something that to this day is one of our most important assets — a secret roadmap.

Deeply inspired by NASA’s successful Apollo program, we deconstructed eight essential ingredients that it took to get to the Moon and back and created our own recipe for achieving a health moonshot. We call these The 8 Health Moonshot Principles.

Today we are sharing these principles so that anyone who wants to help achieve health moonshots can benefit from them. They are universal, and we hope that entrepreneurs, investors, world leaders, executives, advocates and patients everywhere will embrace them, so that together we can achieve our impossible dream more quickly.

The 8 Health Moonshot Principles changing the world:

Commitment: The 25-year vision driving your life and work.

Confidence: Build an unshakable confidence.

Communication: Tell your story, tell it well and tell it often.

Capability: To achieve the impossible, find where you thrive.

Collaboration: Create collaborations that last.

Community: Find your people, find your way.

Consistency: A hundred opportunities to move the needle.

Capital: Every health moonshot has a bottom line.

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StartUp Health co-founder, on a mission to transform global health

StartUp Health co-founder, on a mission to transform global health