StartUp Health Insights: Digital Health Funding Rankings Q1 2017

If the first quarter of 2017 is any indication of what’s to come, 2017 is going to be another important year for digital health funding. Among this quarter’s most notable developments, the population health sector saw a large number of deals, Los Angeles emerged as a hotspot of digital health funding, and cancer detection ‘startup’ GRAIL had a record-breaking Series B further displaying the inevitable trend of ‘digital’ weaving into the fabric of every other health/healthcare sector.

  • At $2.5 billion, Q1 2017 was the biggest first quarter recorded since 2010 due to a record breaking Series B funding round. This was largely responsible for turning what would have otherwise been a modest quarter into a record breaker.
  • GRAIL’s $914 million Series B was the largest digital health deal on record.The investment demonstrates the inevitable growing trend of ‘digital’ cross-pollinating with all sectors of health and healthcare.
  • With 25 deals recorded in Q1 2017, this was a breakout quarter for the population health sector.
  • Are Series A’s becoming the new seed? With Series A rounds becoming more robust, seed stage funding is falling as a percentage of total investment.
  • After a remarkable first quarter, Los Angeles is quickly becoming one of the nation’s top digital health hubs.

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