What does data have to do with making decisions about my health?

My Conversation With Data-ism Author Steve Lohr

Data-ism author Steve Lohr and I talking about what big data can do for health and wellness.

Earlier this month at the StartUp Health Village in Manhattan, I had a chance to sit down with Steve Lohr, reporter at the New York Times and author of Data-ism. We discussed the growth of big data and the need for its expansion into the healthcare industry. Lohr talks about the “Cambrian explosion” of big data that has taken place over the last decade and explains why the best minds in data science are entering the health and wellness industries.

“The idea is that more and more decisions can be made based on data and analysis as opposed to gut feeling, experience, and intuition,” Lohr said. “A lot of what we call experience and intuition, at its best, is a human being processing a huge amount of data.”