Quantum Entanglement

Fascinating, isn’t it? The realm of physics that goes beyond the physical dimension and deep into the weird, unknown and spooky concepts…

One such is the field of Quantum Physics. Relatively new and very exciting!
The very renowned Max Planck is the father of quantum mechanics, it is the field that deals with the smallest of particles.

Quantum Entanglement

Lets talk about quantum entanglement. Not going too much in detail, simply put, when particles are entangled on the quantum level, they’re pretty much soul-mates. You separate and take the two on far ends of the universe and do something to one, the effect can be seen on the other particle too!

Nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing can travel faster than light. Then how is this possible? I’m sure the explanation is worth the Nobel prize any day!

But to think about it, could this on a metaphysical scale explain the bond between the mother and her baby? or between two ‘star-crossed’ lovers? Ponder over the possibilities…

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