Jeremy Hunt delivers his Autumn Statement

Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022

Some comments:

“​Jesus, every other word out of his mouth is about how great the prime minister is. What a creep …..”

“​Conservatives did a great job with apprenticeships I have to give them that”

“This is all spin is it not?”

“2 billion wont even touch the sides with what is needed in education

Vets on the street because the government failed them, so did the army.”

“Total spin.”

“Remove charitable status from private schools might help.”

“It wont even touch the heating bills.”

“For 12 years they said they were investing more but they have lied every time.”

“I mean, it’s not exactly bragging to invest in public services. After you cut it and hung it out to dry the past 10 years”

“​NHS — as a former health secretary who oversaw the privatisation of the NHS” [“Jeremy Hunt was the man who ruined the NHS”].

​”All a big joke to them.”

“​Give in one hand take back and more in the other.”

“​Its 1984 double speak. “We have increased the chocolate rations” while its lower than it was before.”

“​What did Dido Harding do with the 37 billion, anyone know?”

“We’re all fecked.”

Statement of the Day

— Britain is, and has always enjoyed respect around the world for being, a force for good.

This can be said about Jeremy Hunt’s willful denial:

“Colonisation was certainly not a great force of good; under our nations’ flags, our ancestors, driven mainly by greed and power, committed atrocities. We ravaged the wealth of other countries, destroyed an unknown amount of cultures, and enforced our religion on indigenous people worldwide.” (Mar 5, 2022)



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