The Role of Our SuperConscious Mind In Claiming Our Dreams

by Alpha One

There’s the ultimate desire or the ultimate fantasy each and every one of us have stored in the deep recesses of our being. It can be either tangible or intangible in nature.

Corresponding to that dream is a secret the universe keeps. The secret, if unlocked, would give each one of us who discovers it the blissful reality of having those desires materialize in our lives. It lurks in a corner waiting to be discovered and unlocked.

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Let’s Unlock Her Secret

We are told to dream boldly and to pray as hard as we can to make it come true.

Although most dreams and desires are thought to be only a state of mind, they don’t tell us that these are actually realized already. All of our greatest desires are already in place, waiting to be claimed. They are like the specialty products populating the window displays of a boutique. We pass by and look with so much desire wanting to own it, to bring it home and use it as we please.

In reality, our dreams are already available like those products in the boutique window. It is already present and waiting for us to claim it. Unless we manage to unlock the secret of how to earn it, it will take a while until we see it manifest in our lives.

The dreams we create in our minds, the emotions we feel are rippled by the universe as a signal that there are these possibilities waiting to be claimed. Whoever wants that possibility would need to recognize the signs and follow the path towards claiming those dreams.

Haven’t you ever wondered how one can come up with such absurd ideas in a blink of an eye? Have you ever wondered where these thoughts are inspired from?

All emotions, either positive or negative ones come from the energy that is present in our universe. It hangs in the background waiting for our superconsciousness to recognize and accept it. Our Super-Conscious Mind has the ability to absorb every conceivable feeling. Among the infinite number of emotions, what we CHOOSE to feel in a consistent pattern becomes the experience that manifests in physical form REGARDLESS of what it might be.

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It’s all in the mind.

The mind absorbs, directs and paves the way for our desires to materialize in our lives. Whatever it comes up with, what it focuses on and what it consistently fantasizes about forms our collective desires into our reality. So if we constantly think about how sad our lives are and how unattainable our dreams are, it is what shall become. What we think of becomes. Because like most consistent efforts, what we choose to focus our energy on bears the fruits of our labor. It is the same with our thoughts.

We have the ability to CREATE our own human experience, limitless and infinite in all forms. When we are able to fully grasp this concept, we will be able to fully claim our deepest desires applying a powerful executable force to get to where we want to be the shortest time expected.

Within the Infinite Field of Potentials, the Super-Conscious mind thrives, chooses and weaves all forms of possibilities.

It all starts with a dream, a vision and a growing desire to fulfil it. Our “pure consciousness” conceptualises these dreams, and our physical selves ACTS on these concepts resulting to the CREATION and MATERIALISATION of our deepest desires.

Now that we’ve unlocked her secret, let’s make more dreams come true!

Originally published at on December 4, 2015.