New WETH-LOOKS 1% Vault For LooksRare

💡 How to deposit

  1. Go to the Universe Finance official website:
  2. Under the PRODUCTS tab, click [Smart Vault V2].
  3. Check the vault session and find the vault [WETH-LOOKS 1% vault].
  4. Click [Deposit] and enter the deposit window.
  5. Enter the deposit amount to pair your LP tokens.
  6. Approve the smart contract to use your tokens (i.e., WETH-LOOKS LP token)
  7. Once the token approval transaction has been completed, click [Deposit] and sign the transaction.

🍰 What rewards you will gain

  • Fee Return ($LOOKS & $WETH)
  • $UNT
  1. In terms of fee return, the display Fee APR is lifetime APR which varies constantly. The fee return consists of two parts of rewards: $LOOKS & $WETH.
  2. In terms of $UNT rewards, the collected $UNT reward can be claimed after we launch $UNT.
  3. After you deposit your assets, you will get $UNIVERSE-LP (ULP), which is like a certificate to prove how much you deposit ($LOOKS+$WETH). Additionally, it is also an interest-bearing asset. In the future, we will definitely put them to good use, making them profitable.

📍 Pair Address



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