Universe Finance Airdrop Roadmap

1. Airdrop Time

1.1 Snapshot Starting Time

  • 2021–12–25 00:00(UTC+0; Friday)
  • The snapshot time shall be subject to the starting block height.

1.2 Snapshot Ending Time

  • The ending time shall be subject to the ending block height.

1.3 Airdrop Claiming Time

  • 2022–02–26 00:00(UTC+0; Friday)
  • UNT Genesis will be launched one week after the Airdrop activity.
  • Users will be able to claim their Airdrops at the same time.
  • The claiming time shall be subject to the starting block height of UNT Genesis.

1.4 Snapshot Duration

  • 8 weeks
8-week snapshot duration

1.5 The Way We Take Snapshot

  • We will take a snapshot every 500 blocks (Estimated every 2 hours ).
  • We will calculate the users’ position (USD value) at every snapshot.
  • Airdrop rewards will be calculated according to the users’ position (USD value).

2. Total Amount of Airdrop

2.1 Maximum Amount

  • 56M UNT
  • 5.6% of the total emission of UNT

2.2 Maximum Amount per Epoch

  • 7M UNT
  • 0.7% of the total emission of UNT

2.3 Maximum Amount per Day( estimated )

  • 1M UNT
  • 0.1% of the total emission of UNT

2.4 Actual Airdrop Amount

  • We will backtrack the positions and calculate the rewards by block
  • Actual Airdrop Amount is related to the number of blocks in each epoch per day
  • Actual Airdrop Amount is connected to the users’ position (USD value) per block

3. Vaults Eligible for Airdrop

3.1 Smart Vaults

Smart Vaults

3.2 Staking Pools

Staking Pools

4. Airdrop Calculation

4.1 Airdrop Calculation for Each Block

  • If p2 is less than p3, r = p1/10000*r3
  • If p2 is more than or equal to p3, r1= p1 * r2 / p2, p2=r2/r3*10000

4.2 Position (USD Value) Per Block

  • We will take snapshots every 500 blocks.
  • We will take the users’ position (USD value) snapshots.
  • We will take the price of the token snapshots.
  • We will calculate users’ position (USD value).
  • Airdrop rewards will be calculated according to users’ position (USD Value) in the block.

5. FAQs

Q1: How to guarantee transparency?

  • The snapshot of Airdrop reward and backtracking code will be open-source on Github;
  • Open-source code allows every community member to calculate and verify their rewards.
  • The data of the snapshot is based on each accurate on-chain transaction.
  • Please navigate to our quick guide and follow the steps.
  • Click our “Airdrop Calculator” and start calculating.
  • Different vault has different APRs;
  • Over the last two months, our backtesting return rate (coin-based) is 40%-70% when investing ETH + USDC for ETH +USDC.
  • We will launch UNT one week after Token Genesis;
  • You can claim all your airdropped tokens after the launch;
  • 100% free to claim with no lock-up period.
  • UNT is Universe Finance’s governance token. Its value can be captured through future staking and burning. Click our docs of tokenomics for more details.
  • We guarantee the security of our users’ funds through various mechanisms. Click our docs of audits for more details.
  • Users who join us before the Airdrop Plan are our early contributors. They will be rewarded with generous gifts (NFT+Airdrop). We will announce the details of the rewards soon.

Q9: Will there be any other incentive activities after the Airdrop ends ?

  • After the launch of UNT, we will officially launch our yield farming activities. We are still working on the details. Stay tuned.

Q10: How can we ensure the fairness of the snapshots?

  • Users can not receive any Airdrop reward if they withdraw instantly after depositing before and after the time of each snapshot.
  • We will calculate the airdrop reward based on users’ effective assets at every snapshot.

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