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Meanwhile partnerships with companies in several areas have started, in which payment terminals are already installed. Universe Coin now announces a new high-value partnership in the strategic sector that is real estate.

Thus, as a result of its constant research to bring innovative solutions to the market, Universe Coin now presents a set of competitive advantages that will allow cryptocurrency users to obtain Golden Visas, through investment in premium properties, in Portugal.

This solution will allow investors to have a European residence and passport, travel freely and access the European market, with the possibility of property management, guaranteed annual profitability and a set of many other advantages, such…

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We had an opportunity to answer the Latoken community with all the questions they wanted to ask.

Review this AMA session

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:01]

Hello dear community,

I will be your host for this AMA session, accompanied by Universe Coin core team member Universe Coin - Jorge Mesquita.

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:02]

Jorge, would you like to briefly introduce your project to the community? We will then proceed to the questions

Universe Coin - Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 14:05]

Certainly, we’re working on a payment gateway for cryptocurrency supported by a physical payment terminal, mobile apps, and our token. …

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Now is the time! Get UNIS IEO at LaToken with 50% bonus! Go to: #unis #universecoin #latoken

Municipality of Zermatt, Switzerland, can pay its fees with bitcoin

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It’s no surprise that Switzerland is one of the countries that embraces cryptocurrency, The most recent example of this comes from its municipality of Zermatt, which just announced that its locals will now be able to pay for taxes and other official transactions with Bitcoin.

The country goes to great lengths to make Bitcoin use common there, they has been working tirelessly to ensure that the country’s citizens can use BTC for all kinds of payments if they choose to do so.

The population of Zermatt will now have access to a PoS (Point-of-Sale) device in the Zermatt town hall, but they will also be able to use BTC to pay taxes at the communal level. …

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The cryptocurrency industry is hiring more and will increase its market-related functions during the year. During the North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC), noted that there were at least six companies hiring in the exhibit halls.

Some websites show us a great number of jobs are available on employment listing sites like Indeed, Monster, and

While searching worldwide for the term “cryptocurrency,” the job site Monster has 118 roles available. There are even more jobs available on Monster when searching the term “blockchain” — 2,558. The online employment search engine Indeed shows 521 cryptocurrency-related jobs and 1,938 blockchain careers available. …

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We have just started a new decade and, according to a recent report by Bank of America Securities, Bitcoin was the best return investment of the last decade. If you invested $1 in bitcoin at the start of the decade, it would now be worth more than $90,000.

A bitcoin (XBT) is currently valued at about $7,000. While that’s still significantly below its peak price of just under $20,000 two years ago. Even with its volatility, Bitcoin remains seductive to many investors. The number of users trading the currency grows every year.

In addition, more retailers are accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, and several investment firms and exchanges have launched futures trading for bitcoin. …

Our App Universe Coin, has been listed in Apple Store! You can visit it right now and download the App!

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Now UNIS, our crypto, gives everyone the opportunity to download its app in one of the most trust-worthy platforms worldwide. We are extremely glad to have a business model growing up to be, in such a short period, one of the most important cryptocurrencies.

Giving to entrepreneurs a chance to be part of a fantastic solution, UNIS is on its way to establish itself as a great player in the market. Universe Coin’s app will massively impact the way crypto coins are handled, opening new doors through its gateway to anyone who seeks an easy and immediate way to use their coins as a mean of payment on any daily purchases. …

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Last year was really tough for cryptocurrency investors, especially to Bitcoin. BTC hit its lows near $ 3,200 on December 15, 2018. Since then, it has improved its shape, despite going through periods of volatility.

Bitcoin nearly stagnated, returning to volumes below $ 4 billion a day in December last year and January this year.

However, after April, negotiations with BTC increased and there was no significantly slow period since then. Since July, trading volumes have been consistently close to or above $ 10 billion a day.

The most interesting data is precisely the activity seen in the blockchain. Bitcoin set impressive records in 2019, including the transfer of over $ 8.9 billion in value in just three blocks. Mining also exploded following the end of the bear market, reaching levels reported at 120 quintillion hashes per second. …

It sounds like Germany is thinking about the future!
According to the regional financial news publication Handelsblatt, next year banks in Germany will be able to receive, store, and sell digital assets like bitcoin cash (BCH) and ethereum (ETH).

The banks will have the autonomy to provide cryptocurrencies without the need for external custodians or special subsidiaries.

The new regulations are being welcomed by the German Banks Association (BdB), and they believe that lenders’ expertise in protecting client assets and managing risk is critical to avoiding money laundering using cryptocurrencies.

Looking to the other side of it, Niels Nauhauser of Baden-Wuerttemberg, have some…

Currently, the Bitcoin market is being attacked by the large amount of energy emitted to maintain the market. It’s been claimed that it leaves a carbon footprint comparable to that of a large city or even a small country, but a new study proves another thing. Bitcoin’s CO2 emissions, according to the authors, are much more modest than suggested by previous reports.

Let’s get the number right

Some studies was saying negative things, for example “Participation in the Bitcoin blockchain validation process requires specialized hardware and vast amounts of electricity, which translates into a significant carbon footprint’’ by the Technical University of Munich and MIT. …


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