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Alien — Pixabay

Is the real truth of why we can’t find our cosmic neighbours actually that they are long gone?

We have all stared at the night sky and wondered if there is anything out there. But the more we understand about our Galaxy, the more it looks like if there was anything out there, they are long gone. So, is it possible that aliens have become extinct?

In recent years we have found more and more possibly habitable exoplanets. …

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Allosaurs Fossil — Pixabay

Did a giant space rock kill off the dinosaurs? Or was it something else?

We all know the story by now. 66 million years ago a giant space rock crashed into what would one day become Mexico, causing a global catastrophe that would end the reign of some of the most impressive animals to ever live, the Dinosaurs. Well, the Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, Mosasaurs and Plesiosaurs - in total 75% of the worlds species came to an end on that fateful day. Or did they?

While we know for sure that this impact happened, in recent years, scientists have found evidence to say that this meteorite isn’t the sole event that wiped out these magnificent creatures. …

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Dainis GraverisUpsplash

What came first in the evolution of life? Food or Sex?

It’s an age-old question, a chicken or egg scenario (egg came first by a good few hundred million years), what stared first, food or sex?

To tell you the truth, food came first by a long way. Life has existed on Earth for around 4.1 billion years, but for the most of that time life was asexual microbes reproducing by division (feasting on sunlight and chemosythesis). …


Will Lockett

Nerd, science writer & author of the Universe Undressed series (coming 2021) go to www.universeundressed.com to find out more

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