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The government has introduced a year-long review of tertiary education, with Philip Augar leading an independent panel.

Prime Minister Theresa May didn’t provide many new details in her announcement speech, other than giving the four key questions that the panel will focus on:

“How we ensure that tertiary education is accessible to everyone, from every background.
How our funding system provides value for money, both for students and taxpayers.
How we incentivise choice and competition right across the sector.
And finally, how we deliver the skills that we need as a country.”

The full speech can be found on FE Week. …

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A crowded job market is difficult to get into. Popular careers give employers plenty of talent to choose from.

It’s hard enough that so many people get degrees now. That leaves you in a quandary.

When you want to work in an already popular area, is it worth trying to stand out from the crowd?

One of the best ways to stand out is to stop assuming that anything is ‘normal’.

Applying for jobs in the traditional sense (CVs, application forms, and so on) is just one way of finding roles. And it’s hard to stand out that way much of the time. Even a good story may not be enough, especially when algorithms increasingly weed out the initial batch of applications based on other factors. …

[Want just the main takeaways? Check my Slideshare presentation at the end.]

When you’re thinking about time management, what do you think about first?

If time is the first thing on your mind, you may do well to think more selfishly.

Time management starts with you.


It all takes a dose of self-awareness, as Theo J Ellis sums it up here on Medium:

“The real issue with time management isn’t how many hours you work…It’s one and one thing only. It’s self awareness.”

Only when you have that personal focus on how you spend your time, can you then manage it with ease. …


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