Staking update & the future of the unix gaming token

Hey, unix gaming community. We missed you!

Since our last Medium update, the unix gaming team has been quietly developing what we believe to be truly next level. Before we share more, we wanted to update you on unix staking as some things are changing.

Epoch 9 ends tomorrow. Claim your rewards

Those staking the unix token will know that epoch 9 ends tomorrow, 30 August (30.08.22).

As with previous epochs, you will be able claim your rewards based on your staking allocation — with rewards scheduled to be available during the first week of September (2022). Please note: You have until 18:30 (UTC) on 14 September (14.09.22) to claim rewards directly through Unix Yield.

What you might not know is that epoch 9 is the final epoch of our current staking programme, but it IS NOT the end of unix staking.

Final Round tier staking

On 15:30 (UTC) on 8 September (08.09.22), we’ll be launching our much anticipated Final Round tier staking. We’ll also be going live with a community event, to answer questions you might have and talk about the future of unix gaming, our token and tier staking.

You can find out more about Final Round’s Tiers here.

For those new to Final Round, tier staking not only lets you participate in increasingly valuable IGO and IDO allocations but also grants access to exclusive community rewards and perks.

Want to join our community? Community public access opens on 16 September (16.09.22). Tiered access, including access to our various exclusive tiered groups, starts September 30.

First, we think it’s time you met the unix gaming family…

A first look at the unix gaming ecosystem

This isn’t the first time some of you would have seen our expanded ecosystem, with the keen-eyed among you spotting the OWNED branding on our team’s shirts at Korea Blockchain Week, Gamescom 2022, and Coinfest Asia.

But, what is OWNED?

Simply put: we think it’s the future of web3 gaming. OWNED combines our industry-leading end-to-end development kit for web3 gaming, and a gaming platform unlike any other in the space. And, it’s been turning heads everywhere we go.

Web3 gaming? Don’t you mean play-to-earn?

Sure; play-to-earn has its place in web3 gaming, but our focus is on an approach to gaming that brings mainstream gamers and web3 enthusiasts together. It’s all about putting the focus back on the game

When can we see it for ourselves?

Very soon. We know the wait has been a lengthy one, but we genuinely believe that taking our time to develop the best possible product is the right way forward for us and our partners.

What does this mean for your token?

The unix gaming token is evolving

An important element of our new ecosystem is a token that ties everything together—to transfer the value generated by our new, much larger ecosystem back to our community.

As part of our new token roadmap, token holders can expect:

  • For every transaction across the unix gaming network, up to 50% of the revenue generated will be spent on buying back unix tokens.
  • The unix gaming token’s integration into our OWNED platform as a governance and liquidity mechanism.
  • New utility in the future will include new yield programmes, rewards, early access to games, and cool tournament perks

We can’t wait to share more with you over the coming months, including our web3 social app (Wanted), studio (1MHZ), Final Round, and the unix gaming token.



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Web3 gaming is changing from play-to-earn to play-to-own, and unix gaming aims to lead the charge — so don’t get left behind.