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UniX Gaming — the UniXverse Explained

In its short time since launching in 2021, UniX Gaming has already become one of the Tier 1 guilds on the market, and one of the three guilds after YGG and Merit Circle tokenized the gaming world. The guild aims to connect players to the latest and greatest Play and Earn games whilst also providing our players with the best strategies in the ecosystem and esports to achieve maximum success. We also aim to consistently achieve a high-level Yield Reward, competing among the top teams. With over 5000 Full-Time Scholarships in more than 50+ games, UniX Gaming is the perfect example for Game-fi 2.0 and the Evolution of Guilds.

UniX Gaming Guild

The gaming community of UniX Gaming is the largest Play-And-Earn community in the Metaverse, with over 193k players in the Discord itself. We also value the fun and streaming aspects of gaming, which has made millions of players begin streaming on platforms, such as Twitch and others, to prove their skills and to entertain their spectators.

UniX Gaming has amassed a huge 23M large following on streaming platforms for Play-And-Earn, where our streamers share the hottest aspects of Play-And-Earn and showcase the latest games.

In addition to this, 213 community members now work under Metaverse Contracts for UniX Gaming, bringing the player experience to the next level, taking care of all events, and smoothing the process for onboarding new players.

The UniX Launchpad “Final Round”

We quickly recognized that each new Play-And-Earn game community needs to reach out and bring new players into the game. “Final Round” is a launchpad dedicated to new play-and-earn games, but also has the ability to facilitate launches for NFTs and other projects. We have created the ultimate launchpad, adaptable for ongoing and future blockchain development. “Final Round” offers projects the opportunity to design their own launch to suit their specific audience with 11 different action methods. This also includes the version of the LBP balancer option that has been available since the end of 2021.

In the near future, it will be possible for projects to be decentralized and introduce their projects on the “Final Round” for the market. UNIX holders will benefit most from the upcoming projects with our exclusive tier system, starting with Common and Uncommon Tiers, progressing up to Rare, Epic, and Legendary. These tiers will allow for additional benefits as you move up the ranks, such as early allocation, Tier Unique Perks such as access to the Founder Private Group where new projects are discussed, and the UniX Laboratory where you can find the in-depth due diligence carried out on these projects.

“Final Round” Accelerator

In order to further expand the pioneer position of UniX, we are currently working on building an acceleration program for projects that wish to launch from Final Round.

The aim of the acceleration program will be to support future projects, especially in the branding development of communities, games, and overall blockchain development. We also hope to be able to provide these new projects with strategies on how best to enter the market, giving them support from their initial stages all the way to launch. There will be more to come on this as we progress and develop further.

1MHz Studios

UniX Gaming’s own game studio is specialized in Metaverse development. What does that mean?

With ecosystem partnerships including Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Decentraland and more, UniX Gaming’s in-game experiences and presence are improving. This allows us to not only support these projects first but also to create connections with new communities and partnerships within the upcoming metaverses.

1MHZ Studios boasts a game development team of extremely experienced game developers, helping games in the Final Round Acceleration program with the necessary support, including development and advisory. The team is also developing two of our own upcoming play-and-earn titles that have been in the works for some time. These are “Bibits” and the in-house triple-A title “Vigilancer 2099”

Youtube Vs Streaming

UniX now has two active Youtube channels where viewers can find out more about the ecosystem of games and what’s new on the market.

The CEO and Founder of UniX Gaming has daily market updates and early access to the latest metaverse gems which are showcased on his channel, Gamefi CEO. The UniX Research Team and our Head of Gaming have a separate channel that is more tailored to Education and Game Elements of the latest titles.

YouTube is one of our most important tools in bringing transparency and education to our community, as we are uniquely positioned with our YouTube channel. This is due to us having our own Crypto Project backing the channel with resources, first-hand experiences, and knowledge, whereas other channels are mostly run as a hobby.

Furthermore, we now have partnerships with Cryptobanter and Paul Barron Network, where our CEO Mirko Basil is an official gaming partner, all contributing to the core parts of UniX Gaming.

Web 3.0 APP

Another project our teams here at UniX have in development is a Web 3.0 APP, which will make onboarding and connecting with both games and players a lot easier in the future. We wish to create a platform that supports new user groups with NFT fans, artists, and developers, as well as all characters in general who wish to meet in the metaverse to either discuss projects or show off their NFTs. The use of the app will also be made easier by the fact that most Metaverse users coordinate themselves via Twitter, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, and email.

We also aim to introduce a fun chat function in which users can exchange information from these platforms and workgroups, have casual conversations, or exchange private information.

The Marketplace

UniX Gaming not only aims to connect games with players but also gamers or casual users with NFTs, with a growing UniX ecosystem consisting of an increasing number of games migrating through the accelerator. With all the new games that come onto the market, the Marketplace will become the Ultimate NFT Hub for all users to either exchange or buy and sell in-game items and game rewards.

Marketplaces like OpenSea or Looksrare are excellent examples of the importance of having a platform where users can search for their favorite NFTs. Using this model, UniX will create a unique marketplace experience for the gaming space. With increasing mass adoption of play and earn and NFTs, as well as the increase in new players joining UniX, the marketplace will have a huge number of users and games from the minute it goes live.

More upcoming features and highlights will be showcased at the Blockworks Permissionless Conference to share the latest UniX Gaming innovation with companies like Coinbase, Multicoin Delphi digital, and many many more.

Learn and Earn

UniX Gaming quickly realized that most of the users who join the play and earn space don’t have any crypto experience, so purely from the new game experiences, they get introduced to crypto and NFTs. It was a natural development and obligation for us to give these users an initial education about the Crypto Metaverse and the security knowledge that comes with it, considering 80% of users have no experience.

These course elements have been expanded by UniX and developed together with an education portal “Guide Education’’. In this education platform, we will also offer regular education such as English, maths, and science as well as cooking, biology, and other classes through Learn-And-Earn. The users will be rewarded with the UNIX token for their performance and completing the classes, however will also receive real-life certificates from the IELTS institute.

Education is becoming increasingly important, especially in Crypto. Equal education for developing countries is becoming a focus through web 3.0, and there will be massive audiences in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. We at UniX want to be at the forefront of this movement.


The UniX NFT Collection will be an ownership collection of 10,000 one-time NFTs for fans, users, and token holders available for minting. With multiple utilities, UniX Gaming will take another pioneering step, with each of the Unique NFTs being an acquisition by UniX Gaming.

All UniX Gaming activities that benefit the community will also be given back to the UniX NFT holders through rewards, building up a unique ownership community in the long term where every NFT holder is a part of the DAO.

Considering the NFT boom and the future of the Play-And-Earn Space, we predict a massively positive response to the collection. The first collection of land houses, pets, and vehicles will soon join the UniX ecosystem, giving users the ability to upgrade their NFTs or collect new pieces of the UniXverse.


Here at UniX Gaming, we are constantly looking to the future. Despite everything we have already achieved in our short time, we never stop planning different ways that we can improve our platform, create more innovative features and develop the entirety of the UniXverse.

We are also consistently looking to grow our UniX partners to help us in creating our vision, as well as plans to welcome more VCs and investors to work with us on future projects, so stay tuned for more updates. Huge things are coming for UniX.

For more information, visit any of the UniX Gaming socials; Website | Medium | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Twitch |

Also follow our YouTube Channels; GameFi CEO | UniX — Play to Earn | UniX Gaming TV |



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