Web3 gaming is evolving & so is unix gaming

It’s time to kick your web3 game into high-gear.

Greetings to everyone across the unixverse. We’ve got some exciting updates concerning unix gaming and wanted to share that with you today.

First, a few housekeeping updates:

1) V1.0 of our new unix gaming website has launched with V2.0 to follow shortly.

2) Delysium’s NFT sale, including limited edition unix gaming skins, launches tomorrow on Delysium’s marketplace, Rarible & the IMX marketplace!

Limited edition unix gaming skins for Delysium’s upcoming play test.

You can find Delysium’s complete breakdown of what to expect here.

Now for the main attraction.

It turns out that web3 games are rather complicated

Web3 gaming has come a long way, but the industry is still in its infancy, which is fantastically exciting, but it does make game development a difficult prospect for many.

Fundamentally, web3 gaming is complicated because decentralisation is complicated. The moment you decide to integrate NFTs or tokens into your game, you’re presented with an array of problems traditional game developers simply don’t have.

  • Gamers want low-latency, seamless gaming experiences, which means your game’s logic needs to be hosted on tightly integrated centralised servers, not decentralised ones.
  • Developing within a more forgiving genre, like turn-based strategy, won’t solve all your problems either. Gamers still don’t want to deal with constant wallet requests, excessive fees and network congestion.
  • Even if your game plays well, the play-to-earn market is highly saturated and really quite niche, making success less likely and marketing more expensive.
  • To make matters worse, blockchain development is not a commonly available skillset. That makes staffing your team with sufficient blockchain developers an expensive endeavour; it’s a problem of supply and demand.

Now consider just how long it takes to develop a great game. The last thing you want is to finish development on a game no longer relevant or commercially viable. That’s where unix gaming comes in.

Meet the new unix gaming

To ensure web3 game development continues to grow and prosper, unix gaming is evolving to meet the needs of game developers big and small. To do that, we’re creating an end-to-end ecosystem that helps developers take their game from conception & development to launch & growing its player base.

Welcome to the new and improved unix gaming, home for web3 gaming.

Available right now for 7+ chains. Supports Unreal Engine & Unity.

The last web3 development toolkit you’ll ever need

Whether you’re developing a casual mobile game or creating a truly next-gen title, integrating NFTs, wallets and the blockchain is time-consuming, expensive and risky. Instead, our end-to-end web3 development toolkit lets you focus on creating a great game while we handle all the blockchain stuff.

The best part of our SDK is how simple it is to use; it’s practically plug-and-play. In the time it takes your designers to finesse a few game mechanics, your technology team will have integrated a native multi-chain wallet, implemented NFT minting & trading, and added support for fiat payments. That’s just the start of what you can do.

Interested in finding out more about our SDK? Check it out here.

We’re really proud of this tech, and can’t wait to see what games will be built as a result.

Registration launching soon.

Web3 gaming done properly

So, you’ve finished development, but how do you find gamers who want to play your game?

Traditionally, the web3 approach was hoping gamers stumbled across your Twitter account or Discord channel. They certainly weren’t going to learn anything about your game from an NFT marketplace.

Marketplaces provide next to no info about a game, nor do they even recommend games. Their sole purpose is to put projects with the highest transaction value at the top. Transaction value says literally nothing about whether a game is good or not.

Enter OWNED. We know we’ve shared a little bit about OWNED previously in our catch-up article, but for those who missed it: OWNED is a home for the best web3 games.

By listing your game on OWNED, you put it directly in view of gamers looking for exciting, new titles to play. To help the gamers find the right games for them, we’ve taken lessons from platforms like Steam to develop discovery and recommendation tools to ensure gamers see the games they care about.

OWNED will also let players trade items (NFTs) from their favourite games, see what their friends are playing, compete in tournaments and so much more.

Developers and publishers looking to list on OWNED need only visit our site and complete the contact form.

Launching web3 games into the stratosphere

We’re sure everyone’s familiar with Final Round, but for those of you who aren’t: Final Round is our multi-chain launchpad built in partnership with SL2 Capital & DAO Maker.

Currently, users are able to stake unix gaming tokens as part of our tiered staking programme for awesome benefits, and the list of benefits is only growing.

Stay tuned for an exciting update on the future of the unix gaming token & Final Round!

Full stack development team with a decade of experience.

Turning good games into great ones

1MHZ Studios does game development a little differently, but in the best possible way.

While our full stack development team is equipped to develop its own games, our focus instead is on “decentralising” our talent. As part of our push to empower developers, we want to offer the talent necessary to help games achieve success. Our services, therefore, involve collaborating with developers to help make the most of their titles — whether it’s a more traditional game or an expansive metaverse like The Sandbox.

Some of our current projects include building immersive, narrative experiences in The Sandbox and collaborating with Delysium on their first of its kind Decentralised Game Publishing model.

While we will be expanding on our work with Delysium in another article, we can tell you that it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before and promises to add incredible utility to the unix gaming token!

Beta registration launches in 2023.

Even the metaverse can get lonely

Wanted may still be in development, but the promise is no-less appealing. Wanted isn’t just another web3 social media platform. Instead, think of it as matchmaking for interests, a way to help you pursue the things you’re most passionate about.

So, whether you’re looking for other people close by who, like you, are into a particular NFT project or you’re just looking for a group to play DnD with, Wanted is for you.

What’s next for us

As you’ve probably guessed, this new ecosystem has been a massive undertaking, but we’re working with some incredible partners and brands to see it through, and of course, our gaming partners are second to none.

That said, you can be sure we’ll be communicating as much as we can going forward. Here’s what to expect in the near future:

- More updates from OWNED, including community events and early registration for users & games looking to list.

- V2.0 of our unix gaming website to provide an even clearer picture of what we’re creating and how to be a part of this journey with us.

- A multi-chain token & NFT gateway that allows users to create unique experiences for communities holding their chosen token or NFTs. The gateway will even include options to integrate staking, analytics, user ranking, and much more.

- A truly exciting development with our partners at Delysium and their decentralised game publishing model.

- Numerous new partnership announcements and ecosystem developments!

We hope you’re as excited about the new and improved unix gaming as we are. If you are, be sure to subscribe to our mailer for all the latest developments as they happen.

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