Kōzetsu — III

oh how i bloat how i float so so softly downstream
oh how i’m rocked by perspective 
back and forth back and forth back and forth
diatribes shaken up in scaffolds
the workers seem so very desperate
people run back and forth back and forth
they’re appalled by their reflection
they were never the only ones
a disaster of sorts
flares pointed up
they shoot the tiniest of mortars
finger to metal
futile reflex
it’s one high then the swallow up
their bullet crescendo, the workers watch desperate
up high and then swallowed
natural order’s up to kill ‘em
men bear skin in some final attempt
beams sharpened by corpses, real or not
bear witness, alloys set to kill
they can only guess
abandoned always wins
from downstream the workers
seem so very desperate.

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