Languages : A Way To Enhance Your Intellect

Ever wondered how beautiful the world is , how amazing people are from every region, every continent, every street and every individual. We stand there in amazement of the human race and diversity it upholds. One of which that makes us different is our intellect , the way we enhance our propose of existing and the way we persist in becoming better intellectuals every day. Well it depends on perspective, as we run a fine line between superficial intellectual progresses itself.

Superficial Intellectual Progress is what we notice on our everyday basis . You might have a friend whose knowledge regarding Kim Kardashian is far more accurate than her knowledge of the refugee crisis spread upon Europe.Whilst there’re also people whom notices the slightest difference in the new release of Sephora makeups compared to the Stock Fluctuations in Wall Street. Therefore Superficial Intellectual Progress is when we progress and store information that are completely unnecessary towards our human progress. We persist on learning about empty knowledge that doesn’t progress towards greater outcome ; it’s a standstill of information with no substance that corresponds towards a bigger picture.

On the other hand when discussing about genuine Intellectual Progress , it implies that the information you processed has the ability to expand and progress in an intrinsic manner . Information’s which aren’t just empty vessels, instead it holds a concrete purpose and significant importance in preserving it. Languages are one of the most undermined or presumed impossible intellectual workouts that many choose not to pursue or attempt. However, we tend to inspire from those whom are able to channel such mastery towards the art of languages. English is one of the most common form of language where almost 3/4 of the world population are able to communicate with, however the language which defines one’s ethnicity and uniqueness gives that one person the unexpected intellectual beauty. When it becomes an attempt , an attempt by a third person to understand and practice a foreign languages , it doesn’t only acts as an exercise regime to your brain but also becomes a tool that alter your personality.

For instance great language prodigies choose learning language as a way of socializing and breaking their introverted boundaries as it gives you confidence to approach people in a foreign nation and highlight your talent. On a positive note , you allow yourself to grow and expand yourself in the sense of self-discovery and self-actualization. Hence, slowly helping you mature in a more delicate and subtle manner, understanding the power of your potential, teaching you how to multi-task and gives you the discipline needed to pursue life in it’s toughest adversities. In a more physical sense it trains your memory, making it sharper and impeccably responsive as you learn to translate and navigate languages from one to the other. Sometimes between two languages and sometimes between more ; all depending on the number of primary language you might’ve practiced.

Therefore, many of these minor input’s effect both your mental and physical health immensely as you’re able to stall your own unconscious aging. You’re able to stall the hereditary Alzheimer’s that dangles above your head as your age increases . Therefore also pushing you out of your own comfort zone and accomplishing to adapt to a new country. Many might assume adapting to a foreign place is the gift of inheritance however many fail to realize that Columbus was once a layman’s son. Hence adapting to a new culture has to be cultivated and accepted ; by learning their language you would be playing a key role to opening a venture to a new cultural adaptation and acceptance .

Moving to a country where their first language isn’t the same as your’sis the first step. However, fear is mans biggest downfall, overcoming it and changing your perspectives would eventually earn you an new tongue. Taking the first step to a new land presumably would not be a wrong move for you to enhance the way you think and your perspective towards the world.

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Originally published at on November 10, 2015.