Problems I have faced in Bug Bounty

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This is my second blog about #bugbounty. You can check out my first blog that is full of resources and content for bug bounty hunters. If you are a beginner with hacking or bug bounty and don’t know where to start this blog is only for you.

👉 What I have learn in my first month of Hacking and Bug Bounty?

I am very passionate about hacking from my childhood and I have started learn hacking 2 years ago but for my study pressure in school I kept my hacking journey postpone.But recently I started again about 3 month ago I have learn lots of things and I come across this term #BugBounty where you have permission to hack a company’s website and they will also pay you a good money. I was like WOW!!😎. This is for me. So,I started learning about bug bounty and and write a blog with all resources I come across.

Best way to learn anything is teach others

So write this blog . And write everything I come across

What Problems I Faced In This Two Month?

I faced some problem to growing myself and taught myself hacking. This blog will don’t need every bug bounty hunter.Because not everyone faced the same problem like me.

Problem No: 1 — Listen Everybody

I was new on this journey so I consume as much as I can from everyone who said, learn this learn that. Do this then do that.I have to specific learning path to take. I was following everybody. Trying to learn from everybody. Wanted to be like every other successful bug bounty hunter.So my mind was puzzled and I was not really learning something that can help me to find a good bug.

Problem No: 2 — Not Enough Focus

To be successful in everything one must thing is focus. You can’t do anything without it. So focus on one thing and finish that don’t jump form one thing to another thing. I was doing this mistake. I was leaning about XSS then I bored so I start learning python then binary exploitation then I started learning about SSRF then BASH then steganography everything was unorganized. I was just jumping like monkey on thing to another thing. So I had lack of focus. I was learning so small then switch.

So , Don’t make mistake like this. Try to focus on one thing. And try to be pretty good in one thing, then learn other.

Problem No : 3 — Not have any Persistency

How passionate you are if you don’t have persistence then you never finish things that you started learning.


So, you need persistency to complete what you have started. I was making this mistake so I don’t understand why I don’t feel that I am growing. Why I don’t feel that I am learning something? Now I know the answer I was not persistent enough to end what I have started.

Problem No : 4 — Don’t have a clean goal

I had no any clean goal where I want to see myself after 1 year, after 1 month and also after 1 week. I was doing and leave things I don’t have organised.

Dreams Without Goals are just Dreams

Make goals to achieve your dreams. One thing I will suggest you : If you set goals ,then set on that, what you will never lose.

Example: If your dream is to buy a lambo then don’t set goals like, I need to earn $100,000 in a year so ,How can I get $100,000?. Then The answers will be I need to start business, freelancing, youtube channel, you will find easiest way to earn money and forget your passion because leaning skill that you are passionate about is though.

Set goals that you never lose*, like I need to find 1000 XSS so I can to get 1000 x 100$ = $100,000 in a year to buy a lambo. So I need to achieve mastery in all type of XSS So, to achieve mastery I need to lean this, this and that in one year, to learn that I need to lean this, this and that every month, then break it in every day then into every hour.

NOTE: What did I mean never lose ?

Set goals to developing yourself directly or indirectly. Because someone easily can take everything from you or you can lost everything in a minute, But you will never lose your skill or no one can take it from you.

Problem No: 5 — Don’t track my progress

I was not tracking my goals so I easily lose and forget what is my goal. And I am not able to improve my goals. So it is so important to track your progress every day.

Problem No: 6 — Don’t have any daily routine

I had no daily routine so I was easily forget was I was leaning tomorrow. Because I need to do my college’s work. So I was not able to give my 100% focus on hacking. So now I have developed a daily routine to follow. And this daily routine will help me to achieve my goal.

How I solved my all problem ?

  1. Track My Progress : I start to track my every minute with Engross App
  2. Clean Goal : I have now a clean goal and I know where I want to see myself in One year, the Best way to grow is to start comparing yourself with 1 week ago you. I suggest you to use Habitica to make habits and complete goals and task.
  3. Journaling Every Day : Write down everything that you have done in this 1 week. And What goals you should achieve in this week, everything you can write down in a dairy or EverNote.
  4. Make Your Own Path : Learn from everyone but follow on one. I have made my own path. I have now my own technique to win and achieving my goals.
  5. Make Habits: Morning is so important I have a fixed morning habit. Yes, I am not that guy in the film who hack in the night. I like to do that in the morning because I feel so energetic and also I have no distraction in the morning.
  6. Taking Care of My Health: Yes, health is your biggest asset. So you need to take care, you need to sharpen your mind every day. I started meditation and also exercising in the morning.

Note: I don’t telling you to do what I am doing Because I have previously said “Learn from everyone but follow no one ”. Do what you like to do, think Google as your brother and youtube as your sister. LOL

Questions You Need To Ask Every Week To Track Your Progress.

  1. What things have changed in me?
  2. What is my thinking NOW? (about your future or you present moment)
  3. What things happen good this week?
  4. Which goals I did not achieve? And Why?
  5. What is the most important task this week? And How I will achieve them?
  6. How can I make things faster, easier? How can I optimize…….? (goal, habit or any task etc)
  7. What am I not doing even though I know I should?

Why I have written this blog?

I write this blog because everyone shares how cool they are. How much bounty they get by doing that by doing this. But no one tells how much hard work and discipline they need to put to achieve that level. You have created a false image of hacking by seeing films. No one tells what they have faced being that level they are currently now.

I want you to know, who I am and what I am facing to achieving my dream. I don’t want you to think that I am also a super HAcker, Who has leaned hacking overnight. I am also a beginner So, I write this blog to tell my condition.

I will be very happy to connect with you in twitter @Unknownuser1806

A hacker's life

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