Light Work is only Half of It

I’ve gotta say it and be direct when I say these next words: that love and light shit is only half of journey. It is half assing the true process.

Yes sis, just had to put that out into the air.

Did it make you uncomfortable? Raise your eyebrows? Good. Read on.

One must introduce (and reintroduce) themselves to the realm of darkness and death, too. Get close to the madness, and uncover. Peel back those layers. See how much you have consciously and subconsciously repressed into those dark matters of your mind over the this cycle or other life times.

Close your eyes. Breathe.

Dive deep. A little bit deeper. It’s time to reevaluate how we approach our paths. This journey is about tapping into the scary and hidden parts you don’t talk about and/or even think about. You are to travel deep within this ocean and go into the core. Shadow work is exactly that. It’s the way to manipulate and get in touch with that “god awful” Ego. Yes it’s in quotes. Yes, it is not terrible. Ego is not what you have to beat or ignore or fight. You have got to get a grip of it and learn to manipulate it for your own healing.

Seriously though. The journey is not all light, orbs and butterflies. It involves going into realms where there is none. There, there, right there lies the true spiritual work and essence. In the ether. In that nothingness. In that confusion. Explore and understand, initiate plenty of conversations with that triple dark God/dess. What are they saying? Trust them, that/it. They are not talking down at you. They are you in the rawest darkest particle essence and manifestation.

Reach it. Dive a little deeper. How did you get there? How far can you let it take you? Let it make you purge, cry, scream and make you uncomfortable — because it will. But the constant exploration and getting to know your darkness will rebirth you, too. It will make you hyperaware and create a wider conscious plane around you. Go off into the rough waters, Beloved. Trust that you are supported and that you have courage.

It is important to remember that the higherself does not only exist in “higher” realms. They do not only take form in clouds, angels and orbs. She/He/It also loves the earth, lava, death and deterioration. Connect with that, too. It has been avoided, shoved aside, quited.

Similar to the light and angel workers, there is no end to this journey. Each exploration is an invitation to dig deeper and carve out more pieces to make you a better human, a stronger spirit, a student of the cosmos/ universe/ God. There is no end in sight. It’s freaking fascinating! One can always figure out new things about themselves in this solar cycle or in past lives. One can learn who they were and what their mission was in their past lives, or figure out what was inherited from the past to this current solar ring. That’s what diving deep is! Going so inward you forget the concept of time and space. But first, that portal must be tapped into with out fear or negative interpretations of darkness. I remember I was told Palo Mayombe and Santeria were low vibrational and dependent on physical material. I struggled a lot with my journey, but what I’ve learned is that only YOU can determine what IS low vibrational. You must inhibit control and power. Do not let anyone define what kind of magic is “godly” or highly vibrational for YOU on YOUR journey. Repeat this and don’t ever forget it. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GURU. YES. You may need assistance from time to time, of course. But you determine what is good for you and your nonstop healing journey.

In my personal spiritual journey, I have dipped into many spiritual paths and religions. I can be your angelic crystal loving healer, but I also have and respect and invite my mystic dark magic bruja side to the table. I don’t deny whoever I wake up with and go to sleep with either. I am currently in the process of mastering these polarities. Be both. Be ALL. You can unfold all kinds of worlds in your journey.

The process begins with you. Learning how to swim within all waters, and manifesting your desires with your own power. Heal yourself first. Then heal your momma and sister. Heal all your relationships, and outward and onward. But you have got to do the inner work first — the inner exploration and examnination. Reach madness, reach nirvana and see all your shadows dance with you before bed, dance, do rituals, light a candle, create your own Elixir. Tap into the root and further. Trust the journey. Trust yo’self.

Last couple of points. I promise. —

Get in the habit of making everything you do a spiritual experience. Become intentional with your breathing patterns. And please please please do not get caught up on what spiritually looks like. Many have stayed stunted because they want to “look” spiritual and stay on surface level mundane planes. Spirituality has many faces and is not constrained to one look.

Breathe. Inhale from your belly, exhale that your belly is sucked in to your rib cages. This piece is for you if you made it thus far. Reclaim your powers. Focus on you. Figure out what’s right for you and allow your energy to flow in that direction.

in Gentleness, in Healing,

Diana // @unkwnuniverse

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