Prevention-as-a-Service™: The role of AI/ML/LLM

Unleash Health™
2 min readMar 14, 2023


Is it fair to say that we all want to wake up in the morning feeling great? We don’t wake up craving AI, ML, or any Large Language Model (LLM) such as the legendary ChatGPT AI (unless you’re a nuclear physicist), because they are just tools. However, if used correctly these tools can be highly effective in scaling preventive health ensuring we all do wake up feeling great in the morning. Here is why:

📏These tools can solve for the measurement problem in preventive health. The ability to impact one’s health requires us to quantify an individual’s behaviorome (quantified characterization of behaviors) and environmentome (quantified characterization of social determinants of health), yielding nuanced insight into how daily decisions and behaviors in a given environment impact a person’s health.

✊🏿With measurement comes empowerment. Our vision at Unleash is to change the way people think about their health and our mission of improving the lives of 1 billion people by 2033 can be achieved by making individuals aware of just how much control they yield in abating a wide range of chronic conditions.

🎉 Prevention is everyday living and health is the sum of all our daily decisions. Large language models when augmented with a reinforcement training layer of human experts are powerful tools in driving engagement & education in a way which feels natural, is relevant and can inspire new healthy habits.

Now you just need to ask yourself, who is incentivized for me to wake up every morning feeling great? Your favorite trainer at Peloton Interactive or your local clinic? On or your local pharmacy?

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