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Austen Allred

When I first saw your title I had to read further to look for the punchline. First off the title itself is very misleading especially for 95% of the people who are already second guessing the methods of real SEO pros who bring with them 10–15 years of experience juggling the ins and outs of what does and doesn’t work in the real world. To imply that it is not hard for starters is really a bold face lie and a title like this isn’t fair to people who have earned their place in the world of SEO, Technical SEO, “Growth hacking” (a.k.a. Old School SEO), and overall Internet marketing.

So I continued to read and I will admit that your points and strategy if followed will help someone to achieve improvements in their SEO. It will not however achieve nearly the results that your SEO pros can achieve regardless of your lack of faith in the skill involved in doing this work.

I really am surprised that you wrote such an intelligent and fact based article because it implies that you have experience in this field. We know you have experience so why would you take this experience and try to convince a non technical person who is afraid of computers that they too can accomplish what a seasoned SEO pro can accomplish?

I have been in this industry for more than 20 years. I have developed white label SEO solutions for major players, SEO dashboards, algorithms for agencies, studied analytics until my eyes bled, and to think that someone who is a pro in this field could imply that a simple article will show people how to avoid hiring the work out to a professional is like telling a Mercedes owner that if they buy the right tools and follow the manual that they too can troubleshoot performance issues in their fuel injection system. Maybe we can simplify the brain surgery process as well? Why hire professionals at all when we can just give everyone simple instructions to follow on their own?

SEO for a beginner is a 40 hour a week job that with an enterprise environment will take 6 or more months to get accustomed just to the patterns of internet behavior before even getting into the usage of different tools, Technical SEO characteristics, W3C standards, measuring and analyzing Analytics to improve performance, traffic patterns on a site to improve design issues and 1000 other challenges that come only with years of experience.

No, 95% of people can’t eliminate the need for hiring an SEO pro. This is false


Chuc Mason
Unleash your Geek, Inc.

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