7 Reasons to Choose Conklin Roof Coatings

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8 min readNov 28, 2018


When you think about your commercial building’s roof, you know that is it one of your facility’s most valuable and essential assets. You may not think about it often, but when you do, it’s likely because you’re having problems with your roof.

Its common knowledge that a full roof replacement is probably a six-figure investment, and that can be a bit anxiety-inducing for building owners and managers. If you have roofing woes such as leaks or standing water today, you may assume that a total roof replacement is your only option.

Luckily, even though this once was the case, it doesn’t hold true anymore. Another economical option besides a complete roof replacement is roof coatings. Roof coatings allow customers to restore their existing commercial roofs with less environmental impact and at a much lower cost.

Here at Unlimited Commercial Roofing, we’ve partnered with Conklin Roofing Systems, a leader in the roofing industry since 1977, to bring you the most reliable and cost-effective roof coatings available.

There are many roofing products out there on the market, but Conklin’s innovative commercial roofing systems consistently outperform their projected life expectancy. There are many other reasons, too, why you should choose Conklin roof coatings over the competition for your commercial roofing restoration needs.

Remarkable performance history

Interestingly, the Conklin Company did not start out in the roofing industry. Over 80 years ago, the company got its start developing lubrication products, and it was not until about 50 years later that Conklin developed an innovative product that changed the roofing industry as we know it. That product, Rapid Roof, was the first of its kind made from the very first liquid elastomeric roof coating.

This product helped transform the commercial roofing industry in America, which led the way for Conklin to keep refining and creating new products. For over 40 years now, their roofing products have been proven trustworthy in performance.

Being a leading innovator for the roofing industry has given Conklin an excellent record of endurance and consistency within the building products marketplace.

Leader in innovations

When Rapid Roof was introduced to the market in 1977, it was the first of many roofing innovations from Conklin Company. An acrylic liquid elastomeric roof coating, Rapid Roof established the “cool roofs” industry with a remarkable fluid design system that was created for energy savings.

Other Conklin creations through the years include:

Conklin may have started out as a small family business many years ago, but it has transformed into one of the largest and ever-growing companies in the roofing industry. Through their dedication to providing superior products and pioneering the way, Conklin has earned their reputation as an industry leader.

Outstanding Durability

Competitor products out on the market usually provide 10-year protection or more, but many have a tendency to break down under extended exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays and other weather-induced threats. Conklin products, on the other hand, have been known to last for years, and are backed by their impeccable warranties, which are typically non-prorated and guaranteed for 18 years.

Since 1977, Conklin products have been applied and used on over 2 billion square feet of roofs across America. This impressive number shows that Conklin roofing systems provide superior protection against weather elements in all climates. Their products have demonstrated their ability to supply a building with durable, lasting protection for decades.

Energy efficient

Conklin “cool roofs” are reflective, unlike the old black tar roofs that were common on commercial buildings in the past. These “green” roof coating systems are actually white, which means 80–85% of the heat is reflected. This drives down the cost of your air conditioning bill while additionally causing less strain on your cooling appliances and building structure in the heat of summer.

Even during the warmest weather, Conklin cool roofing systems will decrease your roof temperatures by up to 40% and lower the amount of heat that is transferred into the interior of the building. With being able to save up to 50% on the cost of A/C bills, a Conklin roofing system will essentially pay for itself within 5 to 7 years. (No wonder Conklin roof coatings are Energy Star® rated!)

Not only do cool roofs reduce your building’s energy needs, but they also help reduce the amount of waste that is associated with replacing your entire roof. When a roof begins to leak, most building owners decide it’s time to replace it. This leads to an excessive amount of waste produced and contributes to the ever-growing landfill crisis in the US. Combined with the costs of removing the material waste, the transportation cost to move the waste, and the cost of labor, total roof replacements also waste money.

You can avoid the cost and the waste by installing a Conklin cool roof system over top of the existing roof, which leads to making Conklin the ultimate green choice!

5 different commercial roofing systems to choose from

Conklin offers 5 specific systems to fit the needs of various commercial buildings.

Membrane Coating System

Offers first-rate waterproofing, superior protection in all kinds of weather, proven energy savings and top-notch roof protection. Optimal for restoring aged TPO, PVC, CSPE, EPDM, CPA or Modified-Bitumen roofs. Building owners save on A/C costs, and this system requires minimal maintenance throughout the year. Another incentive is this system’s Energy Star® certification, which means you may qualify for federal tax benefits.

Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System

This product is very versatile and can be used on many different roof types. You save up to 30% on your cooling costs with all the energy-saving features. Minimal required upkeep means you pay less for the entire year. Conklin’s non-prorated warranty supports this system’s performance capacity.

Metal Roof (MR) Restoration System

Extend the life of your metal roof by decades! From the very first application, your roof is sealed for seamless waterproof protection that lasts. You will never have to worry about rust, leaks, or wet spots again! Perfect for installation in all climates. The MR system keeps your roof up to 80 degrees cooler, which helps you save up to 84% on your energy bills.

Single-Ply Membrane System

This system is installed in a series of overlapping layers, can be installed during any season, and is supported by a dependable, multi-year warranty for years of trustworthy protection. Ideal for installing over your existing flat or low-slope roof, this system is backed by a leak-free guarantee! Additionally, you save on your heating and cooling costs so that you can experience energy savings all year long. It is also chemical and fire resistant, which makes it the ideal choice for new or existing roofs and can hold up in the harshest of weather conditions.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing Insulation System

Designed for flat and low-slope roofs, our SPF coating system penetrates your roof’s surface creating a leak-proof seal that protects your roof for years to come. It gives your roof a 6.5 R-value of insulation protection per inch of thickness, which means your heating costs will be significantly lower in the fall and winter months. The SPF system is applied in layers, so it’s easy to renew your roof with an extra coat whenever you need it.

In a previous blog post, we discussed restoring your commercial roof instead of replacing it and offered even more detail on each system.

Conklin’s non-prorated warranties

Your roof is perhaps the most important part of your building’s structure, and also one of the most expensive investments a building owner must make. When you choose Conklin roofing products, you are also choosing peace of mind with their generous non-prorated, 18-year warranties.

Why does the non-prorated fact matter? A non-prorated warranty does not lose value over time, and any issues that arise are 100% covered over the entire duration of the guarantee. This type of warranty in the roofing industry is almost unheard of today.

Another incredible feature of Conklin’s warranties is that they are renewable and transferable. Additionally, Conklin roof systems have disclosed that their warranty claims rate is less than half of 1% — an impressive stat that can give anyone comfort in their roofing choice.

Solves common roofing problems

The Conklin roof restoration system is known to fix the 5 most common types of roofing problems that are detrimental to both flat rubber and metal commercial roofs.

  • Leaking seams — single ply membranes come in rolls, and the places of overlap between the rolls, called seams, are your roof’s weak points on rubber roofs. As your roof matures, water can penetrate the seams, causing leaks. The seams of metal roofs are also susceptible.

The Conklin system solves this issue by adding a sealed strip of fabric to the seams, which turns the weakest point on the roof into the strongest, and creates a truly seamless roof coating.

  • Roof membrane deterioration — the chemical components that make up the membrane of your TPO rubber roof can deteriorate after spending years in the sun’s UV rays. This causes the membrane itself to become frail and crack. These cracks allow water to permeate and weaken your roof.

The impenetrable Conklin sealant attaches completely to your roof’s existing membrane, adding at least 18 years of dependability to your existing roof.

  • Membrane expansion and contraction — the black membranes on EPDM roofs expand and contract depending on the ambient temperature, which causes the protective surface to tear around the edges and create holes.

Since Conklin roofs are white in color, your roof will no longer absorb the sunlight. The roof coating bonds onto the damaged EPDM membrane, filling in all the holes with an almost everlasting coating.

  • Poor rooftop drainage — signs of poor roof drainage consist of ponding water and algae development. Any number of issues can cause your roof to have poor drainage.

If the roof drainage is because of weak structural diverters and drains, the first step is to replace those before coating the roof. Also, if water is pooling in divots on the rooftop surface, then those divots are filled with a dense application of Conklin roof coating so that the roof can drain and be stronger than ever.

  • Rusted or rotted damaged fasteners — one of the largest issues for metal roofs are the protective coating over time washes off metal fasteners and causes them to rust or rot.

Our first step in these cases is to caulk the fasteners and washer heads completely, and then coat them with Conklin patented elastomeric acrylic. By applying this product to a metal roof, it can halt rust, actually creating a metal roof that’s better than one that is new!

Experts in Conklin roof restoration

If you are interested in learning more or curious how a Conklin roof restoration can work for you, please contact us. Unlimited Commercial Roofing works exclusively with Conklin Roofing Systems, and all of our roofing systems are installed by certified roofing technicians who have been trained specifically in the proper installation of Conklin’s innovative roofing systems.

The result is a truly leak-proof commercial roof you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Originally published at www.unlimitedcommercialroofing.com on November 28, 2018.