Summer Students Share Their UnLondon Experiences

This summer UnLondon was privileged to work with two students, both eager to explore community building, digital creative and shared space. Tunyalux Langsub and Danielle Perro brought their a-game to UnLondon. Here are their stories.

Tunyalux: Walking in on my first day of the job at UnLondon, I did not know what to expect at all. I was taken aback from the old decor and signs from Novacks, the indie-folk music playing at the front desk, and the fake hand sticking out of a locker. I also did not know who I would be working with or what I would be doing day-to-day. However the further I walked through the front door to the inviting smell of freshly brewed coffee, the more I came to appreciate the complexity and multidimensional characters of the space.

I often overheard Titus and Mike engaged in passionate discussion about barbeque and meat (and drooling all the while). Charles would often make jokes and use sarcasm that would be difficult for me to understand, but Titus would seem to always understand and play along right away. The fusers were an amazing bunch. Thomas would be typing away at his typewriter as Emma would be next door sipping coffee and enjoying the view. Upstairs, Andy would be challenging anyone and everyone to pingpong, Luis would be creating amazing worlds in VR, and Mystery Man would be protecting his antique loveseat.

During these last two months, It has been a pleasure to get to know everyone at UnLondon. Working here has also allowed me to grow immensely as a person and do exactly what I wanted to do; take myself out of my comfort zone to learn, all while having fun. It was amazing to have Mike, a member and website designer, teach and guide me through Photoshop so I could create promotional material for our summer workshops. It was amazing to see and experience the possibilities of virtual reality from the help of Luis, and having Titus and Andrew, a former employee but now a chemical engineer, help us with the 3D printer and laser cutter. Whether it was attending the Raspberry Pi workshop with instructor Raphael or co-teaching the children’s coding workshop with Alex, I was blown away with the opportunities to learn and gain new skills at UnLondon; all you had to do was ask!

Whenever I felt like I needed a break, I could always count on to give me motivation. I could challenge anyone to a game of ping pong and getting defeated would inspire me to get back to work. Jokes aside, I had the pleasure of working with one of the most friendliest, nicest people; Danielle! Being able to work with someone who shared very similar interests, humor, and most importantly taste in food made work more comfortable and enjoyable every day. Becoming a team member of UnLondon has been one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had this year and the value of the opportunity cannot be measured. I’ve learned so much about myself, my work habits, and I now I am equipped with skills that I know will be valuable for my first year of University. I am so thankful to the UnLondon community, for the amazing experience, and to Titus, for providing the opportunity.

Danielle: As my time at UnLondon nears it’s end, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my summer experience with the organization. Being a student studying Medical Science at school, the entrepreneurial environment was relatively foreign to me, and at first was rather daunting. UnLondon inspires and supports innovation, and this became evident quickly after beginning. These three months have challenged me in the best way possible, and I am ever so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn so many valuable lessons from the collaborative community that UnLondon fosters.

Firstly, this position allowed me to develop technical skills that quite frankly I didn’t know possible. From thinking python was only a snake (not quite, but you get the gist), I’ve come a long way in my understanding of coding languages and their applications. Titus, thank you for providing the resources to explore new resources and technology. Your continuous guidance and support throughout my term at UnLondon has been immensely appreciated.

For those of you that don’t know Charles, he has an underrated sense of humour. Although it took me the better part of the summer to (only partially) understand his sarcastic ways, working with him was never dull. A majority of my role at the beginning of the summer involved collaborating with Charles to create innovative ways to fill vacant spaces at UnLondon and was a great opportunity to develop my marketing skills. He is incredibly knowledgeable about 121 Studios and all things music, and left me with this pro-tip: listen to Kanye West’s music in reverse chronological order. Although I’ve yet to try it, I look forward to the day I do.

Over the last two months I’ve worked the closest with Tunya. Her warm and encouraging demeanour made every day, regardless of the work’s outcome, a great one. She is graced with ‘incredible’ wit and humour, and I’ve come to admire her curiosity and passion for learning. Most importantly, we had a shared passion for food and she was always willing to go halfsies on desserts.

The members. I cannot reiterate enough how talented and welcoming the UnLondon members are that I had the pleasure of meeting this summer. Andy, the ping pong guru might I add, taught me some of his finest tricks and I’m happy to say I now have a semi-developed sense of hand-eye coordination. Luis, taught me the ins and outs of the Virtual Reality scene. Mystery Man invented a new game of ping pong, a clear example of innovation and creativity. Mike demonstrated the time and fine attention to detail required to create a complete photoshop project when we were in the midst of designing our promo material for the summer Maker workshops. He was also a friend that frequently engaged in Tunya and I’s rather frequent food filled conversation. I’ve also found great friends in the London Fusers, and understand the immense impact that a typewritten letter has on modern-day communication. Incredible. For all of these great memories, I’d like to thank the members.

All in all, my experience was invaluable. Being an UnLondon employee allowed me to fill numerous roles, and test the limits of my creativity in the work environment. These three months were equally packed with educational learning experiences as there were laughs, and if granted the opportunity I would work with the people of 121 Studios again in a heartbeat. Thank you for a great summer, UnLondon.

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