Extension planning permission changes for 2019

After building quality conservatories, orangeries and extensions for years you start to become accustomed to the methods and processes needed to extend homes here in the UK. Depending on the size of the conservatory (and the type of house) in some cases extension planning permission was needed before construction could begin. This could be a real pain, with timescales and budget suffering whilst the homeowner waits for their permission to be granted. Luckily, back in 2014 the the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) trialed a “lighter” version of the previously strict rules to make it easier for home owners to extend their homes.

This alteration to the planning rules allowed the construction of specific sized property extensions without the need for a planning application. The great news is, as of June 2019 these changes have been made permanent. This is fantastic news for home owners all over the country, with thousands of home owners saving time and money when extending their family homes. Since the law was temporarily changed back in 2014 over 110,000 homes had been extended without the need for planning permission. This showed the MHCLG how popular these changes would be, causing them to act on this and make the changes permanent. The Housing minister, Kit Malthouse, recently said “this move will help families extend their properties without battling through time-consuming red tape”.

The planning permission laws have been changed, but there are still some rules which must be adhered too when extending your home. Read on to find the updated guidelines…

Conservatories & Orangeries in Kent

We have been constructing conservatories and orangeries in Kent and it’s surrounding areas for years now. In this time we have worked on some simply stunning property extensions (if we do say so ourselves) helping home owners make the most of their space and grow with their home rather being forced to move home to find more space.

Here are a few great examples of conservatories and orangeries to give you some home inspiration.

Kent Planning Permission

Although the laws have been relaxed to make it easier to extend your home. There are still some size restrictions which ensure home owners don’t go too crazy with their extensions. These restrictions are different depending on the size and style of your home. If you have a semi-detached or terrace property you can build a 6m X 4m extension to the rear of your home. You get slightly more allowance if you have a detached property, allowing you to have an extra 2m in length, giving you 8m X 4m allowed without any planning permission.

So the now permanent rule change allows you to extend allowing the following:

- The extension is single story
- The extension is on the ground floor
- The extension is 6m x 4m for a semi-detached or terraced property
- The extension is 8m x 4m for a detached house

Planning an Extension

Reading the sizes allowed is all well and good, but sometimes it is difficult to actually envisage how big this is in real terms and picture what style of kind of extension you could have for your home. Arranging a home visit can be a great idea to give you a better idea of what is possible for your home and help you design the perfect extension for your home. With a range of different options from conservatories and orangeries each with masses of styling options to choose from and design options to create the ideal new space for you and your family.

Families grow and circumstances change for households all over the UK. It is great that government has recognised this and brought in this permanent change in planning laws. Moving house when you require more space can be a very expensive undertaking, not to mention the time required and stress of the move itself. More and more home owners are opting to extend their existing homes rather than moving and this new planning law will make this much easier for home owners up and down the country.

How to plan a property extension

So now you have the ability to your extend your home without the additional time and cost of planning permissions, where do you start with planning and design? The whole process can be quite daunting to start with, and not knowing where to start is the most common complaint we hear from UK home owners.

The entire process doesn’t need to be a headache. It should be a fun experience, in which you get to pick and choose every element of your new space and create the perfect extension for you and your family.

Step one should always be — Contact the experts!
A property extension is a big undertaking for any home owner, whether you are building a huge double storey extension or a small conservatory. It is an investment into the future of your home and you want to ensure this investment is within your budgets and adds as much value to your home as possible. Contacting a company like Extra Windows as your first call is always a good idea. We have years of experience guiding people to their perfect home improvements and can listen to your initial ideas and needs and suggest the best possible options to suit your budget, requirements and style.

Finding a company you are comfortable with for such a big project is very important. We are a family business and pride ourselves on our family values and our ability to try and help our customers whereever we can. It is this approach that allows you to call up for a casual chat about your project, discuss your ideas and learn about your possibilties, without feeling any pressure to start your project immedietely or spend more of your budget than you initially had wanted.

So you’ve found a company you are happy with, you have a rough idea in your head, what now?

Your chosen company will now be able to put together an actual plan for how your new conservatory or orangery extension could look. In many cases this will be a stunning 3D rendered picture to give you a really nice feeling of exactly how your new home could look with your brand new extension.

Now you have your beautifully designed conservatory or orangery designed, you can tweak this to get all of the finer details included. This is the fun bit, as you decide on colour schemes and the nice little additions to the interior like installed lighting and pre-installed speakers for your music system.

Once your survey is complete, initial checks are made and everything is in order, your new build can begin. There is no fixed time scale for an extension, it can vary dependant on a number of different factors, but as long as you have chosen to use a reputable company they should keep you in the loop throughout this process until your lovely new space is ready for you and your family to use.

Quotation for a conservatory or orangery extension

You have seen how the updates in planning laws have made this entire process much easier, now it’s time to get started with a quotation for your ideal conservatory or orangery.

Get in touch with Extra Windows today and they can listen to your ideas and requirements and put together a quotation for your home. Call 01622 909400 today or pop over to the Extra Windows showroom on the Medway City Estate in Rochester, Kent.

Originally published at https://www.extrawindows.co.uk on July 9, 2019.

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