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How often does it happen that a person whom you admire the most will have to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries or any special day without you? Quite often, right? It is something you cannot do much about because of certain circumstances. So, you decide to make up for absence by sending a gift to your loved one. But its 2020! We live in the age where technology has and can-do wonders for you just in a click or two. So, why settle
for something like sending a gift or some flowers when you can send something even more heart-warming?

One such amazing gift of modern technology is the UNLU app. The app connects you with celebrities of all kinds like sportspersons, TV actors, Film stars, Public speakers and leaders, bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers and the list goes on. On UNLU, you can send requests to the celeb of your choice to send you a video message customized by you and in return, they charge a small amount.

This way, you can bridge the gap between your loved ones and their favourite celebs. Not only will they be really happy and amazed to see the video message but they also will treasure these memories whole their life. Celebs are generally personalities who don’t have any time to meet even their biggest fans. However, with UNLU you can receive their video message in literally clicking your mobile screens a few times.

For their time and effort, the celebs charge a very minimal amount which they set themselves on UNLU and for the services, the app keeps a little cut. However, the sum of money will seem nothing in front of the joy that your loved ones will experience after seeing their favourite superstars talking to them and about them. Believe me, the emotions that are commuted through a video message are unparalleled.

How to Use the UNLU App?

The UNLU app is super easy to operate for any person because of its simple user interface. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to receive a personalized message from the star of your dreams.

  • Download the UNLU app from the Playstore/Appstore in the device of your choice.
  • In the app, you will see a plethora of celebrities to choose from.
  • Select the celeb of your choice and pay the required fee to send a request to them.
  • You can mention the message that you want the star to deliver in the video. It can be in a form of a short script.
  • The next thing to do is to wait for their reply.
  • If your request is not accepted with a period of 7–14 days, the full amount that you had paid will be refunded.

How Does UNLU Create Moments for You?

We all know that there are some people whom we follow religiously mean something to us even if we know that we will never ever receive the chance to meet them or talk to them. However, the UNLU app is here to terminate the complete impossibility of hearing a word from your favourite celeb.

Here’s how you can use the UNLU app to add value to your life:

Surprise Message

This is of course, the best reason to use UNLU. We all love surprises, don’t we? However, we are all used to give and get materialistic surprises which people will forget someday. But using UNLU, you can surprise your loved ones with a surprise message from their favourite personality, which they will never forget because of the emotional effect that it carries.

So, amaze your friends, family, parents, spouse or anyone with a customized video message from the person they are used to see only on their TV screens or Mobile screens.

Source of Motivation

Celebs are and will continue to be a source of motivation for all of us. The thousands of people that follow and admire them are a result of their hard work and consistency. So, if you are looking to motivate anyone with just few words, UNLU can be your life saver here. This is the best thing that you can do to them in your entire life.

Request a motivational message through UNLU for your younger sibling, friend or anyone you think needs some guidance or motive to work harder to achieve something. For this, you can also select some sportsperson because they are essentially a product of years of hard work, perseverance and will power.

Sorting Out Differences

UNLU can be a great option to sort out some differences or issues that exist between you and spouse or some family members or even friends. Sometimes, things are too complicated to resolve them all by yourself. People might not even want to listen to you. So, in situations like these, you can use UNLU to communicate to your loved ones effectively via their favourite celeb whom they respect and will listen to at any cost.

Requesting a sorry message or even a message that clears all the misunderstandings between you and your family is a great way to sort out internal conflicts.

These were some ways that you can use the UNLU app to make yours and your loved ones’ lives full of moments that you guys will always cherish.



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